Chess Simultaneous Exhibition


Join the Hart House Chess Club for a Greco-Messinian Chess Event, in which Messinian-born, Panayoti Tsialas, will be facing 25 opponents at the same time!

Panayoti, who is a graduate student at U of T’s School of Law, is coach, player and captain at the University’s Varsity Chess Team. He is former junior National Champion and has represented Greece in the 2005 World School Championships.

Sit down and challenge him in a simulations chess exhibition! Alternatively, play a casual game with your friends, watch the simultaneous display and learn lots of interesting things about Greece and the beautiful olive city of Kalamata by the representatives of the Pan-Messinian and the Greek Students Association!

Do it all in East Common Room (Hart House – Main Level) from 2 pm – 5 pm! The event is co-hosted by the Pan-Messinian Association, the University of Toronto Greek Students Association and Hart House Chess Club.

When: Sun., Dec. 10, 2017, 2-5 pm
Where: East Common Room, Hart House
Cost: FreeSimul


To register for one of the 25 spots or for more information, or visit or

The event is co-hosted by Hart House Chess Club, the U of T Greek Students Association and the Pan-Messinian Association. The person doing the exhibition is greek-born (16.05.1990) former junior national champion Panayoti Tsialas, S.J.D. student at U of T’s School of Law and coach at Hart House Chess Club.