Chess Lessons for Intermediate Players


Join our classes for intermediate players and improve your level in the game! Activities include practice games, problem solving tactics, endgame theory, middlegame strategy, and master game analysis with our experienced coach and ex-Varsity player Jonathan Yu.

Improve focus, gain discipline, learn strategy and have fun with some of the coolest people on campus!

Course Description:

This is a course for beginner to intermediate players (CFC 1200-1750). It builds on what we learned last year from Panayoti and attempts will be made to cover different topics. It emphasizes practical play (80% Practical, 20% Theory) and the main topic is exchanging pieces. To accommodate the potentially diverse skill level of the class, starting from lecture 2, two examples will be given at once to illustrate important concepts. One will be “interesting” and the other more “complex”. We will first study fundamental positions and try to understand the result of them. Then we will try to reach these positions in our games through exchanges.

The primary objectives of the course are to have fun learning chess and hopefully we become stronger players; including myself!

Tentative Syllabus:

#1 Jan. 26th: Attacking the castled king, focal points and “the Greek Gift”
#2 Feb. 2nd: Intro to Chess – An overview of the Course
#3 Feb. 16th: Mating Nets
#4 Feb: 23rd: Won Endgames
#5 Mar. 2nd: Middlegame – Isolated Queen Pawn
#6 Mar. 9th: Introduction to Exchanges
#7 Mar. 16th: Middlegame – Exchanges of uneven material (sacrifices), trading bad pieces for good pieces
#8 Mar. 23rd: Endgame – Exchanges of even material

Optional Readings:

Teaching material and ideas will be taken from The Art of Attack In Chess, by Vladimir Vukovic and Reassess your Chess, by Jeremy Silman. No reading is expected before class as many examples and ideas will be taken from other sources.

Instructor: Jonathan Yu

Where: Hart House Reading Room
When: Friday evenings, 6-7 PM, starting on January 26th

Free entry for Hart House Chess Club Members!