The Greater Toronto Chess League 2018


The Greater Toronto Chess League runs chess matches between clubs in the Toronto region. Matches are four-on-four, featuring some of the strongest players in each GTA club.

This year’s GTCL is a round-robin team tournament with nine participating teams. Each team consists of 4 players with any number of reserve players. The event is CFC rated and, CFC membership is required. The time Control is 60 mins with a 10 second increment.

Games will be played at The Willowdale Chess Club (Edithvale Community Centre) on consecutive Tuesdays, at 7PM, starting on Tuesday, January 16th.

Hart House Chess Club is last year’s GTCL Champion and this year it is participating in the League with a team of 7 players (RtgAvg:2226)!

To view the rankings in the tournament click here.