Hart House Closed Chess Championship (Crown)


The Hart House Closed Chess Championship is a competitive chess tournament, which takes place annually, starting on the week after the finals and going until mid-June. It features 8 participants, who are selected based on rating. The winner of the Crown Category is declared the Hart House Chess Club Champion of the year.

Eligibility: Any person with a CFC Rating of 1900 or higher (or its FIDE equivalent).
Style: 7-round, Round Robin
Time Control:  90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.
Rating: The tournament will be CFC and FIDE rated. A current CFC membership is required.
Byes: Maximum 2 half-point byes in rounds 1-5, if requested in advance before the start of Round 1.

Where: Hart House, Committees Room 
Round Dates:

  • Round 1: Friday, May 4th, 6 PM
  • Round 2: Friday, May 11th, 6 PM
  • Round 3: Friday, May 18th, 6 PM
  • Round 4: Friday, May 25th, 6 PM
  • Round 5: Saturday, June 2nd, 6 PM
  • Round 6: Friday, June 8th, 6 PM
  • Round 7: Friday, June 15th, 6 PM

Pieces and Clocks: Will be provided by the organizer
The winner of the Tournament will receive the Hart House Chess Club Trophy.

Entry Fee: Free entry for HHCC members. Non-members will be asked to pay $10.
 Alex Ferreira
Organizer: Hart House Chess Club


Registration: To register, send us an e-mail with your full name and official ratings (both CFC and FIDE rating) at hhchess@utoronto.ca by no later than Thursday, May 3rd, 10 PM. Selection of players will be made based on rating. Two spots will be offered to women of 1900 CFC rating or higher regardless of the rating order.

Website: harthousechess.com

Facebook Page: TheHartHouseChessClub