The Greater Toronto Chess League Cup 2018

Hart House Chess Club wins the 2015 GTCL Cup!

The Greater Toronto Chess League runs chess matches between clubs in the Toronto region. Matches are four-on-four, featuring some of the strongest players in each GTA club. This year’s GTCL Cup is a 5-round Swiss tournament with a time control of 15 minutes per player, plus a 5-second-per-move increment from move 1 team. Each team consists of 4 players with the option of including one alternate. The event is CFC quick-rated and, CFC membership is required. Games will be played on Monday, June 18th, 7-11 PM and prizes will be given to the winners of the following two categories:

Championship Teams

Hart House Chess Club may enter one or more club teams in the Championship category. Team registration is open to any four players (plus one alternate, optionally) who represent our club. There is no rating cap in the Championship category. The winning team will win the 2018 GTCL Cup for their club, and players will receive individual trophies from the GTCL.

U1800 Teams

This category is open to any four Hart House Chess Club players (plus one alternate) who want to play together on a team, subject to a rating cap: the average rating of the top four players must be under 1800. This ensures parity among the various U1800 teams. The best team in this category will receive individual trophies from the GTCL.

Format: 5-round Swiss (team vs. team) in a single section – Championship and U1800 teams play together.

Round Times: Round 1 starts at 7:00 pm sharp; subsequent rounds to begin every 45 minutes; event expected to be over by 11:00 pm

Time Control: G/15′+5″

Location: Annex Chess Club, 918 Bathurst

This year, Hart House Chess Club will register up to 8 teams for a total of up to 40 players.

Eligibility: All Hart House Chess Club members are eligible to represent our club at the 2018 GTCL (a student membership costs only $10). Our alumni are also welcome to play.

Entry Fee: Free entry for Hart House Chess Club members. The club will cover the registration fees.

Registration: If you want to represent Hart House Chess Club in the tournament, send us an e-mail with your full name and CFC rating (if applicable) at We are happy to accommodate people who want to play alongside their friends (e.g. as a team of four/five)!

Deadline for Registration: Sunday, June 10th