Explore Hart House Welcome BBQ


On Thursday, September 13th, Hart House is throwing open its doors and inviting you to explore what its beautiful building has for you!

To kick off the new year, Hart House invites you to explore four floors of wellness, arts and dialogue experiences. Meet new people and begin planning your social calendar for the rest of the school year!

Our Chess Club will be proudly participating in the event from 12 to 2 pm! As soon as you enter the building, take a left at the Hart House Hub and find our tables inside the Reading Room! Come say hi, ask any questions you might have, pick up one of our beautiful leaflets, become members and play a game or two with your friends or other chess club members!

And as we all know how sweet the word “barbecue” sounds when it is combined with the word “free” here’s a message for you: sit on our tables for a game and get a red activity stamp. Collect three on your passport and then finish your afternoon with a free barbecue, and a chance to win tickets to upcoming Hart House celebrations!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Reading Room!