Learn How to Play Chess Workshop (Fall 2018)

Starting on Friday, October 12th and ending on November 9th, Hart House Chess Club  will run a series of workshops for first-time chess players, introducing them to the movements of the pieces and the rules of the game. These lessons will be taught by Varsity chess player, Panayoti Tsialas, and they are highly recommended to students who want to learn how to play the royal game!

The first workshops will cover the basic rules of the game and the later ones will discuss the rudiments of the strategy & tactics of chess. The course will take place at the Hart House Reading Room, 5-6 pm and it will be completed in 4 weeks.

Below is the tentative Syllabus of the Workshop:

#1 Oct. 12: “The Pieces and their Movements”

#2 Oct. 19: “Pawn Promotion, Castling, Algebraic Notation”

#3 Nov. 2: “Check, Checkmate, Stalemate”

#4 Nov. 9th: “Basic Pawn-less Endgames”

Teaching material and ideas will be taken from Learning Chess (Step 1), by Rob Brunia and For van Wijgerden, and Chess Camp (Volumes 1-4), by Igor Sukhin, copies of which can be found in the Chess Club Library.

Free entry for Hart House Chess Club Members*

*A student membership costs only $25 and it lasts for the entire year!