October Bughouse Chess Tournament


Bughouse TourneyHave you ever played a team-orientated chess game before? Whether you have or have not, come join the Hart House Chess Club as we host a casual bughouse tournament. Come with a premade partner or make a new friend at the club as you both challenge other teams to riveting bug house games! The tournament takes place from 7-9:30pm on Friday October 5, we hope to see you there!

Where: Hart House Reading Room,
When: Friday, October 5th, 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Tournament Format: 5 double-round Swiss
Time Control: 3 minutes + 2 sec/move

Registration: To register, please email hhchess@utoronto.ca with your team name, the team members, and a rating (if applicable). If you don’t have a pre-made team, you can simply send us your full name and rating. Ratings are for seeding/pairing purposes only.

Fee: Free for Hart House Chess Club members. $10 to register if not a member.


1st Team – $40 Gift Card

2nd Team – $30 Gift Card

3rd Team – $20 Gift Card

Only Hart House Chess Club members are eligible for prizes

Specific Tournament Rules:

  1. Press-clock Rule (not touch-move, not release-move).
  2. Players are allowed to communicate freely during the game.
  3. King-chopping is allowed.
  4. Dropping pieces into checkmates is allowed.
  5. Pawns can be promoted to any piece once they reach the 8th or 1st rank but, if captured, they become pawns again.
  6. Pawns may be dropped onto the board everywhere except the first and eighth rank.

*If you’ve never played a bughouse chess game before, check out this link.