Sign up for the 2019 Hart House Spring Junior Open!

Where: Debates Room, Hart House, University of Toronto.
When: March 16th and 17th.
Round Times: Saturday 16th at 10am, 1:30pm & 4pm / Sunday 17th at 10am & 1:30pm.
Style: 5 Round Swiss in 2 Rating Sections: U1300 and U900
Time Control: 55 minutes + 5 seconds increment from move 1, for both sections.
Rating: Both sections will be CFC rated (Chess Federation of Canada).
Byes: Maximum 2 half-point byes in rounds 1-4, if requested in advance before the start of Round 1.
Prizes: Trophies for top three finishers and top female player of each section.

Coffee, snacks and light refreshments will be provided.

Entry Fee: $50 for early entries, by March 14th / $60 on site only cash.
Arbiters: Weiwen Leung & Alex Ferreira
 Hart House Chess Club

Other Info: Chess sets and clocks will be provided by the organizers. Registrants must be current CFC members or bring payment prior to playing –


  • E-mail registrations must be completed by March 14th, or else considered late.
  • All players must have been born on or after year 2001. Tournament for juniors 18 and under.
  • After pre-registering by email, please bring cash payment to the playing site before 9:30am on March 14th, or mail a cheque which arrives by March 15th. If online registrants paying in cash arrive after 9:30am on March 16th, they cannot be guaranteed a pairing in Round 1. No cheques on-site.
  • To register in advance by mailing a cheque (arrival by March 15th, 2019), make cheque payable to Hart House Chess Club, at 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto ON, M5S 3H3. No postdated cheques.
  • Registrants after March 14th must pay on-site entry fee ($60). Extra $10 to play up a section. Playing up is allowed only for players within 100 rating points of the section’s minimum rating. For example: a player in the Under 900 section who wants to play up in the Under 1300 section must have a rating no lower than 800.
  • Players taking a bye in Round 1 can pay the entry fee thirty minutes before the start of Round 2 (1pm).
  • The tournament will admit up to (but no more than) 80 participants.