Wilson Sy

Wilson discovered chess late in high school to his chagrin. In his first year of play, he competed in the 2019 Ontario High School Championship, scoring 3/6 in the Beginner section. He also finished 1st in the Amateur section of 2019 Mississauga Chess Club Championship. Although still an amateur player by all means, Wilson enjoys being fascinated by the complexity and beauty of the game. It is not uncommon for him to procrastinate by watching an ongoing professional chess tournament.

Currently, Wilson is a first year computer science student at the University of Toronto. His interests go beyond his projected program of study, including subjects from linguistics to political science. This diversity can also be seen in his extra-curricular involvement with student associations such as UTLEI and UTAMA.

While serving as Communications Director of HHCC for 2021, he hopes to learn a lot from the club’s senior members and to help contribute to the club’s legacy. Expanding the club’s outreach and recruiting new members has become difficult during this trying year, but he promises to do his best to support the club.

Benjamin (Benny) Zhang

Benny is a third-year undergraduate student at U of T studying Health & Disease, Genome Biology, and Statistics. Currently he is a Communications Director at the Hart House Chess Club and is avid about promoting the HHCC. 

Before coming to university, Benny was a casual chess player and the club president at his local high school. He has been playing since early childhood with some competitive tournament experience. With that being said, he understands the struggles and barriers that people may face when trying to pick up chess and works towards helping others define their own relationship with the game. Benny believes that chess can be taught to anyone and desires to promote an open and hospitable environment to individuals of varying aptitude. 

Being a part of the Hart House Executive team has only further enabled him to share his love for the game and he hopes to see you over the chess board.