Support Hart House Chess Club

For over 125 years, Hart House Chess Club has been the University of Toronto’s leader in the game of chess. Students, alumni, and community members alike all benefit from the rich ambiance, the chess lessons, and the great tournaments happening at the centre of U of T. Your support will ensure that Hart House Chess Club can continue to offer vital opportunities for students to learn the Royal Game and put their chess skills into practice, developing their capacities and sharing new student-life experiences.

Call for Support:

During its history, Hart House Chess Club has benefited crucially from the number of its members who have chosen to maintain their association and support of the Club beyond their time as students. This has helped the Club to maintain continuity not only of its existence but also of its character. Anyone who has played at the Club will attest to the liveliness of its atmosphere and the enthusiasm of its members. The stream of students who have come through its doors over the years consists of the whole range of players, from complete beginners to ones with international titles.

As the Club moves into its 127th year of existence as U of T’s official Chess Club, its initiatives keep increasing, hitting record numbers of club members as well as internal and external events. More and more students get to enjoy the invaluable benefits of the game in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. However, these rich activities have also resulted in increased costs, costs that we need your support to sustain.

Thanks to donors like you, many generations of UofT students have understood the value of having a space outside of academia where they can explore and engage in a diverse number of co-curricular chess-related activities, which ultimately provide extraordinary lessons of their own. No matter how small, any donation can help us continue to make progress, accommodating an ever-increasing number of students.

Make a Donation:

This year we are focusing our fundraising efforts on our club’s efforts in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic while sustaining the costs for the preparation and participation of our Varsity Chess Team in numerous events throughout the year. Your financial support towards achieving these goals would be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to make a donation to the Chess Club:

  • You may do so online through the Hart House portal.  Once you finalize the process you will get a confirmation and you will be issued a tax receipt.
  • You may also write Hart House Chess Club a cheque, made payable to Hart House, in which case you will also get a tax receipt.

Public recognition will be offered to all those people who decide to support but donors may also choose to retain their anonymity.

We hope that, with your precious support, the work done at Hart House Chess Club will gain momentum and help build an even better future for generations of students to come.

Please note, you can also choose to support the Club through our online Merchandise page.