Frequently Asked Questions

The following are FAQs that we routinely are asked throughout the year.

  1. What happens during Casual Chess Fridays?
    • Casual Chess Fridays are our weekly casual chess offerings for anyone who wants to sit over a board and meet other people. We provide the equipment, and you create the memories. 
  2. I have never touched chess in my life. Am I welcome to the Club? 
    • Yes, complete beginners are welcome to the Club. We provide lessons tailored to beginners throughout the year, and usually, a New To Chess Lecture series is offered each Fall for complete beginners. 
  3. If I am not a member, can I attend beginner lessons? 
    • Lessons are only for members to prioritize students of the University and to provide the best possible experience for our members. Lessons are included in our membership. 
  4. I am a novice player and would like to take the next step; what does the Club offer? 
    • The Club offers weekly intermediate/advanced beginner lessons. These lessons are tailored to the level of the students, with the goal of providing a personalized group lesson every semester. We also bring in speakers and lecturers to provide master analysis and special events that are open to novice players. 
  5. Do I have to be a student at the University of Toronto to join the Club? 
    • You do not have to be a student at U of T to join the Hart House Chess Club. As a student Club, however, we offer discounts and other benefits that prioritize students. 
  6. What activities do you run during the summer? 
    • The Club traditionally operates throughout the entire year. We offer Casual Play every Friday afternoon/evening throughout the summer. We sometimes also offer lessons, special events, lectures, and tournaments. The Club Championship is historically hosted sometime during the summer. 
  7. What are the hours of the Chess Club? 
    • During the school year, the Club operates from 4 pm – 11 pm every Friday. In the summer, our hours are subject to change – stay up to date by viewing upcoming events
  8. When does registration open for tournaments? 
    • We aim to open registrations to our tournaments two months in advance of the tournament date. 
  9. What are the age limits of the chess club? 
    • The Chess Club is open to all ages and abilities. 
  10. I am an alumnus of the University, what do you offer me? 
    • Our Club has a long and passionate alumnus base that attends and supports our events every year. We run two major open tournaments every year that is open to all alumni and community members. We also offer casual play, tournaments, and lessons which are often attended by our alumni. We do not offer discounts to alumni at this time.
  11. Why do students have free or discounted memberships? 
    • Funding from the University and student fees are essential for the operation of the Club. Therefore, students are given free or discounted rates for all events and activities that the Club operates. 
  12. Where are the closest parking lots around the University? 
    • The university offers paid parking throughout the campus. Please note that as of 2023, the Landmark Project has significantly affected nearby parking. We encourage our members and event attendees to get to Hart House by taking the nearby TTC Museum and St. George stations. 
  13. What is the refund process?

Last updated: April 2023