Hart House Chess Club

HHCC Membership

This year, 2022-2023, the Hart House Chess Club membership is FREE for all undergraduates and graduates of UofT. Students must register with the Hart House Hub (front-desk) or through their online portal to become a member. A separate non-student HHCC membership can be purchased for alumni and all other members of the community (special prices for those under 29 or over 65) at the Hart House Hub or online.

Perks of Being a Hart House Chess Club Member

  • Playing facilities at Hart House
  • Free entry to our Simultaneous Chess Exhibitions. In a simul, a chess master plays several opponents at the same time
  • The opportunity, for students who are eligible, to qualify to compete on our Hart House Team at The Canadian University Chess Championship and The Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship
  • Borrowing privileges of the Club’s excellent library of chess literature
  • Access to the Club’s equipment – chess clocks, boards and sets
  • Free food – Pizza on pizza days and popcorn and punch on movie days
  • Free entry to weekly chess lessons for novice and intermediate skill level players taught by the club’s coaches
  • Free entry to lectures by top Canadian and international chess professionals hosted by the Club
  • Free entry in The Hart House Chess Club Championship tournament
  • Free entry in the Hart House Chess Club rapid and blitz tournaments with prizes
  • Opportunity to represent the Club at the Greater Toronto Chess League Championship