Upcoming Events

Even with the Covid lockdown, there’s still plenty of chess at HHCC. We hope you will join us at “HHCC Online” for blitz and bullet tournaments, live streamed commentary, puzzles and lots more!


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July 3 Tournament

July 10 Tournament (and Update to Online Tournament Rules)

New Additions to HHCC Online: Weekly Puzzle Challenge & More Tounaments

First-Ever Hart House Online Swiss Tournament

Push towards Discord

Recap of the Week


There are always lots of exciting things going on at HHCC! In addition to Friday Weekly Open Play and weekly lessons, here are just some of the events we have coming up:

– Welcome-Back Pizza Party (10 Jan)

– Canadian University Chess Championship (Hosted by Wilfrid Laurier in
Waterloo, ON) (18-19 Jan)

– Blitz Tournament (7 Feb)

– Reading Week Open (15-17 Feb)

– Elections for the 2020-21 Executive Board (13 Mar)


“From Chess to Success” Workshop at Woodsworth College (3 Sep)

UTSU Clubs Fair (4 Sep)

Explore Hart House Welcome BBQ (12 Sep)

Welcome Pizza Party (13 Sep)

Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship (Pan Am) Qualifier (28-29 Sep)

Lecture & Workshop by Mr. Stephen Boyd (4 Oct)

– Bughouse Tournament (11 Oct)

Ivy League Challenge (8-10 Nov)

– Nankai International University Rapid Tournament, Tianjin, China (25-30 Nov)

– Hart House Holiday Open (13-15 Dec)

– Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship, Charlotte, NC (27-30 Dec)