Learn Chess – Improve your Game

This year the Hart House Chess Club is hosting a series of workshops for members who want to learn the rudiments of chess or wish to develop their strategic and tactical skills.

Weekly chess instruction will take place at the Hart House Reading Room and it is open to all club members regardless of experience. Activities include practice games, problem solving tactics, endgame and middlegame study, and master game analysis.

The classes are run by our experienced coaches, and students are assigned into small groups. The atmosphere is very friendly and the participants are not asked to make any commitments. Each time we will be examining an independent chess theme. As a result, missing a few sessions due to midterms or other school-related commitments should not have an adverse affect on the student’s ability to follow the next sessions.

Schedule for Winter Semester (2017-18)

i) Weekly Chess Lessons for Upper-Beginner & Intermediate Players

From January 26th through the end of March our class for intermediate and upper-beginner players will meet every Friday, 6-7 p.m. at Hart House Reading Room. Every Hart House Chess Club member gets free entry to these chess lessons and is welcome to attend and learn from our amazing colleague and former Varsity Chess Player, Jonathan Yu (CFC Rating: 2150)! For more information on the course, its tentative syllabus, the dates of the sessions etc click here.


ii) Learn How to Play Chess Workshop

Staring on Friday March 2nd and going until March 30th, Hart House will be running a series of workshops for first-time chess players, introducing them to the movements of the pieces and the rules of the game. These lessons will be taught by our Varsity Player, Panayoti Tsialas (FIDE: 2057), and you are all welcome to attend. To find out more details about the dates and the topic of each step of the workshop click here.

Learn How Workshop.jpg

Enroll in the classes

To enroll in the classes, send us an e-mail at hhchess@utoronto.ca or message us on Facebook to let us know that you are interested in or simply stop by the Hart House Reading Room any Friday evening and any time between 4-11 pm. You may also want to “like” our Facebook page as this is the place where we will be posting the chess themes of each week.