Lending Library

The Hart House Chess Club Library

Want to improve your game but don’t know how? Come join us during our weekly lessons – or take out a book in our Lending Library! Originally the brainchild of Panayoti Tsialas, former HHCC Executive in February 2018, the HHCC Lending Library was updated by volunteer Elliot Tseng in Fall 2022.

All HHCC members can request or take out books, magazines, and DVDs for free. We welcome any donations to our Library from community members to support the development of chess at the Club.

To borrow materials, please see a HHCC Executive on Fridays. Materials are loaned for extendable 1-month periods. As of Fall 2022, the following materials are available in the Club’s inventory.


Nick de FirmianModern Chess Openings 15th Edition
Nick de FirmianChess Openings the Easy Way (Algebraic Notation)
Karsten Müller and Frank LamprechtChess Endings: A new endgame encyclopaedia for the 21st century
Andrew SoltisThe Chessmaster Checklist
Alexander Delchev and Semko SemkovThe Most Flexible Sicilian
John Nunn and Peter GriffithsSecrets of Grandmaster Play
Richard Roberts (Collier)The Collier Quick and Easy Guide to Chess
John WatsonSecrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances since Nimzowitsch
Cyrus LakdawalaOpening Repertoire: The Petroff Defence
CJS PurdyThe Search for Chess Perfection II
Konstantin Sakaev and Konstantin LandaThe Complete Manual of Positional Chess: Opening and Middlegame
Konstantin Sakaev and Konstantin LandaThe Complete Manual of Positional Chess Vol 2: Middlegame Structures and Dynamics
Viktor MoskalenkoTraining with Moska: Practical Chess Exercises (Tactics + Strategy + Endgames)
Jesus De La Villa100 Endgames You Must Know: Vital Lessons for Every Chess Player
Cyrus LakdawalaChess for Hawks
New In Chess (Multiple Authors)Secrets of Opening Surprises Vol 11
Jonathan Hilton and Dean IppolitoWojo’s Weapons Vol 1: Winning With White
Jonathan Hilton and Dean IppolitoWojo’s Weapons Vol 2: Winning With White
Jonathan Hilton and Dean IppolitoWojo’s Weapons Vol 3: Winning With White
Vincent MoretMy First Chess Opening Repertoire for White
Vincent MoretMy First Chess Opening Repertoire for Black
Artur YusupovThe Fundamentals: Build Up Your Chess 1
Artur YusupovThe Fundamentals: Revision & Exam 1
Reuben FineBasic Chess Endings (Algebraic Notation)
Neil McDonaldThe Art of Planning in Chess, Move By Move
Vladimir VukovicArt of Attack in Chess
Bruce PandolfiniThe Best of Chess Life and Review Vol 1
Aron NimzovichMy System
Irving ChernevCapablanca’s Best Chess Endings: 60 Complete Games
Lev Alburt and Nikolay KrogiusWinning Chess Endgames – Just the Facts!
Robert G. Wade and Kevin J. O’ConnellThe Games of Robert J. Fischer
Fred WilsonLesser-Known Chess Masterpieces: 1906-1915
George KoltanowskiAdventures of a Chess Master
Emanuel LaskerCommon Sense in Chess
Emanuel LaskerCommon Sense in Chess: Revised Edition
Emanuel LaskerLasker’s How to Play Chess
Elie AgurBobby Fischer: His Approach To Chess
Robert E. BurgerThe Chess of Bobby Fischer
Fred ReinfeldReinfeld on the end-game in Chess
Fred ReinfeldAttack and Counterattack in Chess
Fred ReinfeldChess Strategy for Offense and Defense
Fred ReinfeldLearn Chess from the Masters
Fred ReinfeldHow to Win Chess Games Quickly
Fred ReinfeldWin At Chess
Fred ReinfeldImproving Your Chess
Fred ReinfeldHypermodern Chess
Fred Reinfeld1001 Chess Sacrifices and Combinations
Fred ReinfeldThe Way To Better Chess
Fred ReinfeldWhy You LOSE at Chess
Fred Reinfeld and Irving ChernevChess Strategy and Tactics: 50 Master Games
Fred Reinfeld and Irving ChernevWinning Chess: How to Perfect Your Attacking Play
I.A. Horowitz and Fred ReinfeldHow to Think Ahead in Chess
I. A. HorowitzChess for Beginners
I.A. HorowitzSolitaire Chess
I.A. HorowitzThe Best in Chess
V. RavikumarPlay the Benko Gambit
Bill Wall1.Nc3 Dunst Opening
Eugene A. Znosko-BorovskyHow NOT to Play Chess
Frank MarshallFrank J. Marshall’s Best Games of Chess
Rob Brunia and Cor van WijgerdenStep 1: Learning Chess Manual for Chess Trainers
Rob Brunia and Cor van WijgerdenStep 2: Learning Chess Manual for Chess Trainers
Rob Brunia and Cor van WijgerdenStep 3: Learning Chess Manual for Chess Trainers
Rob Brunia and Cor van WijgerdenStep 4: Learning Chess Manual for Chess Trainers
Rob Brunia and Cor van WijgerdenStep 5: Learning Chess Manual for Chess Trainers
A. W. FosterThe Year-Book of Chess 1914
Samuel ReshevskyReshevsky on Chess
Mikhail Tal and Iakov DamskyAttack with Mikhail Tal
Eduard Guefld and Oleg StetskoThe Classical French
Chess InformantVol. 16, 1974
Chess InformantVol. 18, 1975
Chess InformantVol. 19, 1975
Chess InformantVol. 20, 1976
Chess InformantVol. 23, 1977
Chess InformantVol. 24, 1978
Garry KasparovMy Great Predecessors I (Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine)
Garry KasparovMy Great Predecessors II (Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal)
Garry KasparovMy Great Predecessors III (Petrosian, Spassky)
Garry KasparovKasparov vs Karpov 1986-1987
Mark DvoretskySchool of Chess Excellence 2: Tactical Play
Mark DvoretskySchool of Chess Excellence 4: Opening Developments
Fred WaitzkinMortal Games: The Turbulent Genius of Garry Kasparov
Leonard BardenHow Good Is Your Chess?


Simon WilliamsFritztrainer Tactics: Most amazing moves
Simon WilliamsFritztrainer Opening: Tactic Toolbox London System
Simon WilliamsFritztrainer Opening: The London System with 2.Bf4 Reloaded
Nicholas PertFritztrainer Opening: Typical Mistakes by 1000-1600 Players
Nicholas PertFritztrainer Opening: Typical Mistakes by 1600-1900 Players
Daniel KingFritztrainer Powerplay 15: Practical Pawn Endgames
Daniel KingFritztrainer Powerplay 16: Test Your Rook Endgames
Andrew MartinFritztrainer Strategy: The Basics of Winning Chess 2.0
Andrew MartinFritztrainer Endgame: First Steps in Endgames
Robert RisFritztrainer Tactics: Calculation Training
Robert RisFritztrainer Tactics: Extreme Calculation Training
Wesley SoFritztrainer Opening: My Black Secrets in the Modern Italian
Claus-Dieter Meyer and Karsten MüllerFritztrainer Endgames: Magical Chess Endgames
Ivan SokolovFritztrainer Opening: Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol. 2 – Dynamic Pawns
Ivan SokolovFritztrainer Opening: Understanding Middlegame Strategies Vol. 2 – Practical Play
Sergei TiviakovFritztrainer Strategy: Realizing an Advantage
Sergei TiviakovFritztrainer Strategy: Learning from the World Champions
Nigel DaviesFritztrainer Oepning: 1.e4 for the Creative Attacker
Fabiano CaruanaFritztrainer Opening: Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol. 1
Fabiano CaruanaFritztrainer Opening: Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol. 2
Fabiano CaruanaFritztrainer Opening: Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol. 3
Rustam KasimdzhanovFritztrainer Opening: A lifetime repertoire: play the Nimzo Indian!
Nemo ZhouFritztrainer Tactics: Fundamentals of Chess Tactics – Understanding how to find and win with tactics
Nemo ZhouFritztrainer Opening: Fundamentals of Chess Openings – Understanding the ideas behind common openings
n/a42nd Chess Olympiad: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2016


Chess LifeU.S. OpenDecember 1982
Chess LifeTroop InspectionMarch 1999
Chess LifeFIDE World Championship Begins July 30th in Las VegasJuly 1999
Chess LifeSerper Grabs World Open Title
Chess LifeGeorge Koltanowsky 1903-2000March 2000
Chess LifeSeattle Group Hosts USCF ChampionshipsJuly 2000
Chess LifeUSCF Announces US Chess LiveAugust 2000
Chess LifeWijk Aan Zee Hosts the World’s BestMay 2001
Chess LifeVar. TitlesJanuary 2002
Chess LifeSeattle: U.S. Champions Shahade & ChristiansenMay 2002
Chess LifeI Love To Play Chess: Interview with Ray CharlesSeptember 2002
Chess LifeDuchamp’s DelightOctober 2002
Chess LifeThe Results are in… How FIDE ratings have changed over 33 yearsMay 2004
Chess LifeKramnik SpeaksJune 2004
Chess LifeUnstoppable. (Jennifer Shahade)August 2004
Chess LifeCaught. (Bobby Fischer Arrested)September 2004
Chess LifeGoletiani and Nakamura: US Champs!February 2005
Chess LifeGM Arnold Denker: The Dean of Chess 1914-2005March 2005
Chess LifeSpring Chess in Washington Square ParkJune 2005
Chess LifeU.S. Champion Hikaru Nakamura Tops FoxwoodsJuly 2005
Chess LifeLaunching HB GlobalAugust 2005
Chess LifeGurevich Wins the National Open… AGAIN!September 2005
Chess LifeTopalov Tops Them AllDecember 2005
Chess LifeChess for PeaceJanuary 2006
Chess LifeHikaru Nakamura: North American Open ChampionApril 2006
Chess LifeMorelia: A North American Chess CelebrationMay 2006
Chess LifeChess King: Alexander OnischukJune 2006
Chess LifeAnna Zatonskih: our New Women’s ChampionJuly 2006
Chess LifeU.S. Takes Bronze in TurinAugust 2006
Chess LifeGoal! Susan Polgar Wins World CupSeptember 2006
Chess LifeWhat’s Behind Your USCF Rating?October 2006
Chess LifeShulman Shines in ChicagoNovember 2006
Chess LifeCheaters! Fighting the New ScourgeMarch 2007
Chess LifeThe U.S. Amateur Team East Champions Lead: A Festival of ChessMay 2007
Chess LifeThe New Superstars: GM Hikaru NakamuraJune 2007
Chess Life2007 U.S. Women’s Champion: IM Irina KrushOctober 2007
Chess LifeWorld Champion Viswanathan AnandDecember 2007
Chess LifeU.S. Correspondence Olympiad Team Qualifies for FinalsJanuary 2008
Chess LifeDaniel Naroditsky Wins World Under-12 ChampionshipFebruary 2008
Chess LifeThe Challenges of Chess ParentingDecember 2018
Chess Life“Here’s looking at you, kid!” 75 Years Ago: The Denker-Steiner MatchMay 2021
Inside ChessVol 1, Issue 11/13/1987
Inside ChessVol 1, Issue 21/27/1988
Inside ChessVol 1, Issue 136/29/1988
Inside ChessVol 1, Issue 2110/25/1988
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 11/23/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 32/20/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 43/6/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 53/20/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 64/3/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 74/17/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 85/1/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 105/29/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 116/12/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 126/26/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issues 13-147/17/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 157/31/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 168/14/1989
Inside ChessVol 1, Issue 189/11/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Isuse 199/25/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 2110/23/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 2211/6/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issue 2412/4/1989
Inside ChessVol 2, Issues 25-2612/25/1989
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 84/30/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 95/14/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 105/28/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 116/11/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 126/25/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 179/3/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 189/17/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 2010/15/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 2110/29/1990
Inside ChessVol 3, Issue 2412/10/1990
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 22/4/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 43/4/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 95/13/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 105/27/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 126/24/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 137/8/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 168/19/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 199/30/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 2010/14/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issue 2211/12/1991
Inside ChessVol 4, Issues 25-2612/23/1991
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 32/17/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 53/16/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 74/13/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 84/27/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 105/25/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 116/8/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 126/22/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 137/6/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 147/20/1992
Inside ChessVol 5, Issue 178/31/1992
Inside ChessVol 6, Issue 32/22/1993
Inside ChessVol 6, Issue 43/8/1993
Inside ChessVol 6, Issue 137/12/1993
Inside ChessVol 6, Issue 168/23/1993
Inside ChessVol 7, Issue 85/2/1994
Inside ChessVol 7, Issue 95/16/1994
Inside ChessVol 7, Issue 179/5/1994
Inside ChessVol 7, Issue 189/19/1994
Inside ChessVol 7, Issue 2311/28/1994
Inside ChessVol 8, Issue 32/20/1995
Chess ReviewJanuary 19681/1/1968
Chess ReviewFebruary 19682/1/1968
Chess ReviewApril 19684/1/1968
Chess ReviewAugust 1968Aug 1968
Chess ReviewSeptember 1968Sep 1968
USCF MagazineExecutive News Quarterly: Number 1 for 2006
USCF MagazineExecutive News Quarterly: Number 2 for 2006
USCF MagazineSales Catalog, Winter 2006/2007
USCF MagazineSales Catalog, Spring 20072007
Blitz ChessVol 2, Issue 5April 1990
Blitz ChessVol 2, Issue 6July 1990
Échec+: La Revue QCThomas Roussel-Roozmon sur les traces d’Alexandre Lesiège ?March-April 2000
En Passant: Canada’s Chess MagazineIstanbul 2000, Vol 28, Issue 5October 2000
En Passant: Canada’s Chess MagazineReport from World Youth Chess Championship, Vol 28, Issue 1February 2000
Canadian Chess ChatAugust 1968
Canadian Chess ChatSeptember 1968
Canadian Chess ChatNovember 1968
Canadian Chess ChatDecember 1968
Canadian Chess ChatJanuary 1969
Canadian Chess ChatFebruary 1969
Canadian Chess ChatMarch 1969
Canadian Chess ChatApril 1969
Canadian Chess ChatMay 1969
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Canadian Chess ChatJuly-August 1972
Canadian Chess ChatSeptember 1972
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Canadian Chess ChatSeptember 1975
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Canadian Chess ChatDecember 1975
Canadian Chess ChatJanuary 1976
Canadian Chess ChatFebruary 1976
Canadian Chess ChatMarch 1976
Canadian Chess ChatApril 1976
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Canadian Chess ChatJuly 1976
Canadian Chess ChatAugust 1976
Canadian Chess ChatSeptember 1976
Canadian Chess ChatOctober-November 1976
Canadian Chess ChatDecember 1976
Canadian Chess ChatJanuary 1977
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Canadian Chess ChatMarch-April 1988
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Canadian Chess ChatNovember-December 1989
Canadian Chess ChatJanuary-February 1990
Canadian Chess ChatMarch-June 1990
Canadian Chess ChatJuly-October 1990
Canadian Chess ChatNovember-December 1990
Canadian Chess ChatJanuary-April 1991
Morgon Mills: The Great CrusadePamphlet on Bishop-Knight Endgames
Chess CanadaJanuary-February 1975
Chess CanadaMay-June 1975
Chess CanadaJuly-August 1975
British Chess MagazinbeAugust 1981
Chess’n Math Association14th Annual Canadian Chess Challenge 2002
Chess’n Math Association2003 Ontario Chess Challenge
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsOctober 1998#44
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsDecember 1998#45
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsFebruary 1999#46
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsDecember 1999#50
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsJune 2000#53
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsOctober 2000#54
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsJune 2001#58
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsOctober 2001#59
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsDecember 2001#60
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsFebruary 2002#61
Scholar’s Mate: Canada’s Chess Magazine for KidsApril 2002#62