Alexandra Yao wins in Hart House chess puzzle-solving competition!


A very interesting chess event took place this Fall, starting on October 14th and lasting for an entire week, up until October 20th! Students were invited to participate in a chess-puzzle solving competition, in which the 17 puzzles had been drawn from actual positions, which had arisen in the games of the 5-round Pan-Am qualifying Tournament!

The rules of the competition were very simple:  If you solve one puzzle you get one lot in the raffle for a $20-worth New In Chess magazine. If you solve two problems, you get two lots. We were accepting answers until Friday, Oct. 20th, 12 p.m. and the winner would be announced in the evening of that same day.

More than 20 students took part in this competition but, in the end, it was Alexandra Yao who solved two problems correctly and won the big prize! Congratulations to her on a remarkable success!

Below are the 17 chess puzzles, which the participants in the contest were asked to solve!