Conclusion of the “Learn Chess” Workshop (Fall 2017)


Starting on November 17th and going until December 15th, Hart House Chess Club ran a 5-step workshop for students, who wished to learn how to play chess! The lessons were taught by our experienced Coach and ex-Varsity player Jonathan Yu and were very popular, especially among female students!

The topics included: the Pieces and their Movements, Check, Checkmate, Stalemate, Algebraic Notation, Basic Pawn-less Endgames, Basic Tactical Themes and Chess Pattern Recognition!

At the end of the course Jonathan offered one chess book to each of his students, encouraging them to keep studying and improving! Hart House Chess Club would like to offer its most grateful thanks to him for his amazing and dedicated voluntary work and for his pro-bono contribution towards spreading chess across the student community!

Sincere congratulations are also owed to each and every student of his (almost) all-female class! See you all next semester!