Habemus Executive Board!

On Friday, March 16th, 2018, Hart House Chess Club held its annual executive board elections. Based on a recent constitutional amendment, the number of club executives for the new year increased by one, thereby creating six executive seats that had to be filled.

At 6 p.m. the old execs were joined  by more than 20 club members as well as the Club’s Alumni Chair, Ben Hahn, who was in charge of running the elections. Chris Knox, twice Secretary of the Club, and Peter Vuong, who served as External Events Coordinator for two terms announced that they were not planning to run again and spoke passionately about their amazing experiences as club executives, in the middle of enthusiastic claps by the members.  Andy Liao, the Club’s Fundraiser, also decided not to re-run for an executive position. Hart House Chess Club is really grateful to all three of them for their services.

Elections Poster

On the bright side, many members expressed a strong interest in becoming involved with the club government. After a series of very close votes, the brand new Executive Board for the year 2018-19 is:

Club Secretary: Leslie Tang
External Events Coordinator: Sahan Karunaratne
Communications Director #1: Alexandra Yao
Communications Director #2: Zehn Nasir
Treasurer: Jimmy Bartha
Fundraiser: Panayoti Tsialas

We wish them good luck in their difficult but exciting task and we thank everybody else who participated in the process either as a candidate or as a voter. Finally, since the Club is always happy and thankful to get support from its members, we welcome anybody who is interested in volunteering some work to help the club pursue its mission!