Participants List (2018 Summer Junior Open)

Under 1300

Alexander Fedyushchenenko (1278)
Sven Coat (1233)
Rishi Sarkar (1215)
Mark Rozin (1114)
Arnav Mane (1090)
Daniel Cloutier (1006)
Ricky Zhu (990)
Isabelle Duanmu (A.R.: 982)
Joshua Lau (967)
Haoran Fan (880)
Brenton Lin (822)
Joey Lin (800)
Alexander Fedorov (UNR)

Under 800

Owen Lee (A.R.: 788)
Isaac Duanmu (A.R.: 776)
Ricky Chen (760)
Justin Huang (756)
Ivan Huang (696)
Guanming Yu (671)
Jerry Zhijun Zhang (634)
Raymond Cheng (A.R.: 623)
Eric Fan (538)
Gordon Zeng (519)
Marie Guan (485)
Jeremy Zhu (465)
Jeffrey Zhuang (323)
Isabella Yang (229)
Shuhan Zhang (228)
Carina Feng (200)
Carina D’Souza (UNR)
Dean Toyserkani (UNR)

Note: To encourage the young participants to reflect on their games and improve their play our club has decided to offer free chess analysis to all players who want to review their games and discover ways of getting better. Our team of chess analysts will consist of the following UofT students/alumni:

  • National Master Haizhou Xu (CFC 2324)
  • National Master Zehn Nasir (CFC 2306)
  • National Master Jonathan Yu (CFC 2225)
  • Panayoti Tsialas (FIDE 2022)
  • Leslie Tang (CFC 1756)
  • Jimmy Bartha (CFC 1533)

Analysis will take place in a separate room and we’ll try to make sure that at least two coaches are in the analysis room during each round.

Finally, for parents who are interested in watching the World Cup while waiting for their kids to finish their games, a big screen with a projector, loud speakers and couches will be set up in a spacious room on Saturday morning and afternoon providing a comfortable space for watching soccer!