Leslie Tang

Leslie Tang 
Current CFC Rating: 1756Leslie

Leslie Tang started his chess path at the age of 9. In the short time, he began climbing the Elo ladder. He participated in many tournaments and almost qualified to compete to represent Ontario in the Canadian Youth Chess Championships. At his young age, he competed against players of the name: Razvan Preotu, Christopher Knox, Zarchary Dukic, who would later become Chess Masters. Sadly in the span of approximately three years, he had retired from chess. But now, he is back again to play chess and completely rejuvenated!

Leslie is rather new to the scene of teaching chess again as he had only begun playing chess again casually in late 2017. His specialty is in clever tactics and positional moves. He has high hopes in teaching chess to students and igniting their passions to learn and enjoy chess.

He holds the position of the Club Secretary and he was the instructor in the Intermediate-Beginner Chess Lessons at the Hart House Chess Club in the Fall of 2018.

Leslie is a graduate of the Applied Mathematics and Financial Economics Specialist and Major in Statistics programs, which he completed in June 2019.

While not playing chess, Leslie loves sports, travelling and researching.