Conclusion of the Bughouse Tournament!

On October 5th, 2018 Hart House hosted its first bughouse tournament in recent years! The tournament consisted of 13 ambitious teams (26 players), who competed in five double-rounds. The tournament was extremely close, with only a half point separating gold from silver, bronze and fourth place.  Congratulations are extended to Joseph Bellissimo and Johnathan Yu for winning the tournament with 4/5! Finishing just a half point behind (3.5/5) was team Jack Ding/Edward Chan, Panayoti Tsialas/Robin, and Leslie Tang/Ethan Moon.

As UofT Alumni, Jack Ding and Edward Chan, who only lost one game, got an honorable mention and were awarded 4th place. Good job to both of you! A head to head playoff commenced between Panayoti/Robin and Lesie/Ethan.

Board No1: The second round of the exciting tie-breaking match has just begun!

Panayoti/Robin won the first game, but could not close out the event and lost the second. A final death match occurred between the two teams, but momentum proved decisive, and eventually Leslie and Ethan won the silver medal!

Big smiles and a rightfully won second place for Leslie and Ethan!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this historic event! We hope to organize similar events in the future!

Bughouse Crosstable

We are looking forward to seeing you all next Friday for more chess!