Join the Weekly Seminars on Chess Strategy!

This is a more rigorous workshop, targeted at advanced chess players, ranging from 1300 to 1700 CFC rating. Some prior experience and time commitment is required of the participants. This semester’s lessons will focus on chess strategy with special emphasis on how the pieces normally develop during a game, in order to reach their full potential. The Workshop will run every Friday, from January 25th until March 29th, 6-7 PM, and the lessons will be taking place at the Hart House Reading Room. National Master and ex-Varsity player Jonathan Yu is the instructor in this workshop.

The lessons will be presented in the format of a seminar. The Instructor will conduct the first seminar then every student who expresses an interest will do one as well. Students will be encouraged to bring in a game,  do analysis on it beforehand with the guidance of the coach and present it to the class. Questions and comments will be fielded afterwards. In this way students will benefit from the Instructor’s guidance but also work at home and learn from each other, really scrutinizing their play.  The coach will provide every student with a framework about how to do this in the first class based on the following tentative template:

#1 Jan. 25th: Develop your Pieces: Improve your Worst Piece

#2 Feb. 1st: Knights: Control of a Hole or Weak Square

#3 Feb. 8th: Bishops : Good or Bad – Active or Inactive – The Bishop Pair

#4 Feb. 15th: Superior Minor Piece: Bishops vs. Knights

#5 Feb. 22nd: Rooks: Open Files & Ranks – Which Rook to Move or to Trade?

#6 Mar. 1st: Pawn Structure: Weak Pawns, Passed Pawns, etc.

#7 Mar. 8th: Space: Are we Alone in the Universe?

#8 Mar. 15th: Maintaining an Initiative

#9 Mar. 22nd: Material: To Take or not to Take?

#10 Mar. 29th: Sacrifice for Positional Compensation or King Safety

Optional Readings:

Teaching material and certain ideas will be taken from Jeremy Silman’s, How to Reassess Your Chess: Chess Mastery Through Chess Imbalances but the tentative Syllabus is, in great part, the original creation of the Instructor. Silman’s book can be found at HHCC’s lending library. No reading is expected before class but attendees will be assigned optional homework to practice at home.

Instructor: Jonathan Yu

Where: Hart House Reading Room
When: Friday evenings, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Free entry for Hart House Chess Club Members!*

*A student membership costs only $25 and it is valid for the entire year.