Jennifer Jiang – Fundraising Director


Jennifer Xueyan Jiang is the Fundraising Representative at HHCC, who is in charge of hosting a series of events at HHCC including Fundraising Open Tournaments and kids’ favorite Junior Tournaments. She is flattered to work with other brilliant executives and the Fundraising Committee at HHCC. Jennifer is at the beginner level of chess and is deeply fascinated by a character in the TV show Person of Interest, who was teaching an artificial intelligence that ‘anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of chess deserves to lose.

Before her interest in chess, she became a second-dan player at Go, an ancient Asian board game. Jennifer also enjoys her academic life as a third-year international student at Rotman Commerce at UofT and wants to pursue a career in the accounting industry. Jennifer shows her great enthusiasm in reading economics magazines and watching suspense movies.