First Online Hart House Blitz Arena

On Friday, March 27, club Coach and former Events Coordinator Sahan organized an on-line blitz tournament for HHCC players. The event was a phenomenal success–you can read Sahan’s exciting report below! More events are forthcoming and you can stay updated (and, better yet, participate in an upcoming match!) by clicking this link:

I would just like to take the opportunity to first of all thank everyone who participated. Not only did people show up but everyone demonstrated enough energy, and curiosity, to light up the chat, and figure out who’s who. It also appeared that there was still a blazing fire, behind the faceless screens, immediately after the tournament came to a close. With no post-tournament break, people started to lament the fact that they missed out on playing with one or two individuals. Special shout out to Alex, who was instrumental in distracting everyone with his after-game put-downs and pregame shenanigans.

Ultimately as a first tournament there was bound to be some mistakes. I unfortunately failed to take into account how rated games were unfair to players with poor internet. I apologize and here on out we will make most tournaments casual, so as to be most accommodating.

As cruel as it may be, there could only be one winner, Mango (think of a member whose name begins with ‘m’) who compromised his games with a ridiculous 94% berserk rate, still snagged second. Alex who came in third with a 0% berserk rate only found out, just what on earth this whole ‘berserk’ thing was after the tournament. In first place, was the mysterious ace1886. A man who I initially suspected to have a ridiculous obsession with a certain Joe Burrow of college football fame. I found my suspicions leading to a quick google search. Whereupon I found the user’s Reddit account and his penchant for words like ‘drastically’ and very bold statements. All of which, I would like to emphasize will be used by the Crown in court.

Thanks once again everyone, and well done Ace! Considering the competitiveness, even for a player of your strength, you should be very pleased!

I would like to add just one more special shout out to Mike in fourth place who still managed a fantastic score despite only playing half the possible games.

That concludes this post, if you feel I missed anything or want to provide your own perspective; please by all means feel free to do so!