HHCC Summer Blitz

The Hart House Chess Club returned for its first casual blitz tournament of the summer on June 17th, 2022. It was the first opportunity to meet the new Executive and catch up with old and new friends.

The HHCC Summer Blitz was the first in-person tournament at the HHCC since the 202- Reading Week Open in February 2020! The Club finally opened back its doors earlier in the month to its weekly Casual Play Friday events.

June 17, 2022 at 7PM

Registration: opens 4pm, ends 6:45 pm. (late registrants will get half point byes)

Time Control: 5/3, 6 rounds

Prizes for top 3, unrated, U2000, and top woman


Starting RankNameRatingRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6ScorePrize
1Christopher Knox235011110.515.51st – 2nd
2Joseph Bellissimo227611110.515.51st – 2nd
3Kit Ng22001110003
4Jim Zhao22001110104
5Wenzhi Dai21561100103
6Aria Payduri16501101014Top U2000
7Eliot Tseng14341001103
8Adrian Shkumbov138211002
9Isabelle Zhu130210100.513.5Top Woman
10Bowen Zhang12501001114
11Sean Sresnberg120000.510102.5
12Maksym Woychyshynunr.0001102
13Chol Elijah Akolunr.1011014Top Unrated
14Illya Lywarevunr.10100.513.5
15Raeid Saqurunr.101002
16Evan Baltmanunr.0112
17Aaron Huunr.0111003
18Vimal Simhaunr.0111104Top Unrated
19Bradlev Northwcateunr.010001 (BYE)2
20Andrey Jimierunr.01(BYE)001
21Sunghyoun Kimunr.0010113
22Nick Jamkhouunr.FF
23Kirill Logoveevunr.00.501001.5
24Tony Lauunr.0101002
25Nabeel Jafriunr.10001
26Daniel Stveiemannunr.100.51.5
27Daniel Wangunr.000.51012.5
28Norman Fuunr.0001012
29Jack Byembadorjunr.0.5000000.5
30Nathaniel Yong12811110115Third
31Daniel Zhaounr.10F10.5002.5
32Artashesunr.00001 (BYE)1
33Ben Hahn1800BYE (.5)101114.5
34Jonathan Yu2100BYE (.5)111104.5
35Victor Zheng0.50.5
36Edward Changb11

Congrats to all the winners! See you at our next tournament!