Grandmaster Simul with GM Razvan Preotu

On Friday, February 10th at 7:00PM, Grandmaster Razvan Preotu made a visit to the Hart House Chess Club to conduct a 15 board simul against U of T students and community members.

Members participated in the simul for FREE. Sign-up was first-come-first-serve and opened at 4:00 PM during Casual Play. Members of the public were asked to make a small donation in support of the club’s fundraising efforts.

Bio: GM Preotu, rated 2478, became Canada’s second youngest Canadian born Grandmaster in 2016 after achieving his norms at the 2014 World Open, 2014 SPICE Cup, and 2016 World Open. He achieved the minimum 2500 FIDE rating just before attending university at The University of Texas at Dallas to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer science on a chess scholarship. He is returning to Toronto after finishing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the same university.

To learn more about Razvan Preotu, view his Wikipedia page and FIDE page.

Grandmaster Razvan Preotu at the Hart House Chess Club on Fri. Feb. 11th, 2023. He scored 14 wins and 1 loss.
Moves on the board! Razvan vs 15 students and U of T community members!