Conclusion of Summer Chess Workshop for Upper Beginners (Summer 2018)

Starting on Friday, May 18th and going until June 15th Hart House Chess Club ran a 4-step workshop for upper-beginner chess players, introducing them to the rudiments of chess tactics, with emphasis on attack and defense. These lessons were taught by Varsity chess player, Panayoti Tsialas, and were mainly addressed to chess enthusiasts who had just learnt the movements of the pieces and wished to step-up their game.

The course lasted for four weeks and took place in the Hart House Reading Room, 5 – 6.15 PM. Students were introduced to two fundamental chess concepts: Attack and Defense. The topic covered included: Attack on the King – Targets of an attack – X-ray attack – Discovered attack / Defense – Defending against check – Defending against attack on a piece / The double attack (with Queen or Knight) / The twofold attack / Defending against a double attack.

Teaching material and ideas were taken mainly from Learning Chess (Step 2), by Rob Brunia and For van Wijgerden, and Chess Camp (Volumes 1-4), by Igor Sukhin. Copies of these books could be found in the Hart House Chess Club lending library.

Panayoti would like to thanks all the students who attended the workshop and contributed their ideas: Dean, Zara, Alex, Giwa, Amar and Vithushan.

We hope that the workshop helped you to improve your game and we are looking forward to seeing you again in our Fall classes and events!