Sign up for the 2019 Greater Toronto Chess League Championship!

The Greater Toronto Chess League runs chess matches between clubs in the Toronto region. Matches are four-on-four, featuring some of the strongest players in each GTA club. This year’s GTCL Championship is a round-robin team competition with a time control of 60 mins + 10 sec increment. Games will be played at the Willowdale Chess Club on consecutive Tuesdays, at 7 PM, starting on Tuesday, January 15th.

Hart House Chess Club is the back to back GTCL champion and this year it will be fighting for the three-peat, participating with two teams: a team of current students and a team of Alumni. The event is CFC rated: CFC membership as well as Hart House Chess Club membership is required.

If you are interested in joining our student team send us an e-mail at by Friday December 28th. You need not be available for all rounds (likely 9-11 rounds), however, we do ask you to include in your registration e-mail a few words, which will give us a concrete sense of what your availability is.

Here’s the list of teams so far:

1) Chess Stars (Rating average – 2307)

Captain: Michael Barron
1st Board: WGM Anna Burtasova (2257 FIDE)
2nd Board: Viatcheslav [Slava] Rek (2327)
3rd Board: IM Michael Barron (2298)
4th Board: NM Michael Kimelman (2244)
1st Substitute: NM Ilia Bluvshtein (2227)
2nd Substitute: Sasha Starr (2144)
3rd Substitute :WIM Nava Starr (2112)

2) Pinoy Chess Club: (Rating average – 2233)

Captain: Jelvis Calvelo
1st Board: FM Eduardo D. Teodoro IV (2334)
2nd Board: Ryan Franco (2272)
3rd Board: Merlin Nazareno (2233)
4th Board: Ranel Lauron (2094)
1st Substitute: Andrew Picana (2044)
2nd Substitute: Jelvis Calvelo (1924)
3rd Substitute: Armand Jess Mendoza (1898)
4th Substitute: Joey Orozco (1834)
5th Substitute: Trifelino Miaco (1819)

3) Scarborough Chess Club A (Rating average – 2209)

Captain: William Li
1st Board: NM William Li (2269)
2nd Board: NM Jeffrey Xu (2244)
3rd Board: NM Sean Lei (2166)
4th Board: NM Harry Zhao (2158)
1st Substitute: Brian Jiang (2099)
2nd Substitute: Benjamin Lin (2079)
3rd Substitute: Wing Li (1616)
4th Substitute: Henry Xianrui Zhang (1517)

4) Covfefe (Rating average – 2178)

Team Captain: Victor Plotkin
1st Board: FM Victor Plotkin (2391)
2nd Board: FM Mark Plotkin (2404)
3rd Board: Max Rusonik (2046)
4th Board: Greg Rusonik (1870)

5) Willowdale Chess Club (Rating average – 2161)

Captain: Dmitry Chernik
1st Board: WFM Oksana Golubeva (2201)
2nd Board: NM Vladimir Birarov (2182)
3rd Board: Alexander Strugach (2145)
4th Board: Dmitry Chernik (1997)
1st Substitute: Denis Ryadnov (2114)
2nd Substitute: Isai Berengolts (2099)
3rd Substitute: Benjamin Fradkin (2045)
4th Substitute: Stephan Tonakanian (2054)
5th Substitute: Vadim Khachaturov (1956)

6) Scarborough Chess Club B (Rating average – 2026)

1st Board: Raymond Gao (2059)
2nd Board: Eric Ning (2056)
3rd Board: Jeffrey R. Zhao (2027)
4th Board: Youhe Huang (1960)
1st Substitute: William [Zhimao] Gao (1654)
2nd Substitute: Toy Chack Kwan (1604)

7) Manila Chess Club (Rating average – 1995)

Team Captain: Erwin Casareno
1st Board: NM Erwin Casareno (2073)
2nd Board: NM Ruperto Frilles (2041)
3rd Board: Glenda Baylon (1871)
4th Board: Boris Iriarrtv (UNR)
1st Substitute: Ernesto Sarabia (UNR)
2nd Substitute: Ferdinand Tecson (UNR)
3rd Substitute: James Casareno (UNR)

8) North York Beavers (Rating average – 1753)

Team Captain: Oswald Barmasch
1st Board: Yury Cheryachukin (2006)
2nd Board: Chris Udrea (1871)
3rd Board: Hooshang Ab-barin (1762)
4th Board: Oswald Barmasch (1373)
1st Substitute: M. Hassan Pishdad (1032)

Date: First Round starts on January 15th, 2019

Venue: 4169 Bathurst Street (Earl Bales Community Centre), near the Sheppard and Bathurst intersection

Format: Teams from different clubs or organizations will compete against each other in a Round Robin. Each team shall consist of 4 players with an unlimited number of reserve players.

Rounds: Rounds are played on consecutive Tuesdays at 19:00 sharp.

Time Control: 60 minutes for the game and a 10 second increment each move from move one (G/60+10)