Pan Am Qualifier 2019

The Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship is the largest chess competition in the Americas on the collegiate level, and will take place this year December 27-30 in Charlotte, NC.

On September 28-29th, fourteen club members convened in the beautiful Hart House South Dining Room to compete for a spot on the team!

The tournament ended with a 7 way tie for first at three points each! In the last round, there was a particularly decisive match between Sahan Karanuratne and Jonathan Moore — the winner would have reached 3 points to join the tie (and force a playoff), but this game ended in a draw, leaving both players at 2.5.

We want to extend our warm and sincere gratitude to Alex Ferreira and Sean Lei for volunteering their time to put together the pairings for the tournament and to ensure it ran smoothly, as well as to Panayoti Tsialas for creating the photo gallery of the event, which may be found below. A huge thank-you also goes to all the players who came out and participated in the event!

We wish the very best of luck to this year’s Pan Am teams who will be representing UofT in North Carolina come December!

Team A
Mark Plotkin
Joseph Bellissimo
Dai Wenzhi
Tanner McNamara (captain)

Team B
Juntong Lin
Mahip Singh
Jack Moore
Sahan Karunaratne (captain)