Bughouse Tournament (October 11)

We are thrilled to announce that HHCC will be hosting a Bughouse Tournament on October 11th at 7pm in the Reading Room! Fast-paced and spirited, this is not a competition to be missed. And there’ll be a prize for the winning team!

Bughouse is a lighthearted style of chess played in partners, so if you have a teammate in mind, you can register together! Or, you may register individually and we will find you a pair.

There will be 5 double rounds played with a G/5 time control. We will accept registrations on-site, but we would appreciate it if you could, please, indicate your interest by sending an email to hhchess@utoronto.ca with your name, rating (and, if applicable, your partner’s name and rating).

The tournament is free for all HHCC members, so we hope you will join us for an exciting evening of Bughouse Chess!