Bughouse Tournament (October 11)

October 10th, 2019 was a very special day for our beloved Chess Club: exactly 100 years before, in 1919, the Chess Club met at Hart House for the first time. A month later, on November 11th, Hart House would officially open its doors, and soon enough, the building would become our permanent home!

Check out this issue from The Varsity in 1919 advertising the event!

So, to celebrate, on October 11th, 2019 HHCC hosted a Bughouse Tournament in the Reading Room! Fast-paced and spirited, this was not a competition to be missed.

Sean Lei and Tanner McNamara, who generously gave their time to put together pairings for the tournament, were also both playing! In the end, the team of Edward/Mahip finished first on 8/10 ahead of Jurgen/Tanner by virtue of winning the direct encounter 2-0. A point behind in 3rd was Alexandra/Joseph on 7/10. Those three teams won prizes!

Very close behind were Dylan/Leslie (6/10), Jon/Kim (5), Jasper/Sean (4), Shawn/Asha (2), and Campbell/Batuhan (0). And it was very competitive–no team ever assured of a victory–with no one ever having more than a 1-point lead in the standings.

What a way to celebrate 100 years of joint history between Chess and Hart House! Here’s to 100 more!