2nd Ivy League Challenge

The “Ivy League Challenge” is an invitational Team Chess Tournament which will take place in Toronto from November 8th until November 10th, 2019.

The tournament is organized for a second time and University of Toronto is the host. Open to six chess teams from five different Universities in the United States and Canada, the “Ivy League Challenge” is one of the strongest University Team Competitions in North America. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and University of Toronto will be represented in this year’s tournament and the hope is to attract participation from even more Canadian and U.S. Post-Secondary Schools in the years to follow.

Each team will have four players and may have up to two alternates. The rules for the “Ivy League Challenge” can be accessed here. All rounds will be held at the Hart House East Common Room and all games will be broadcast live on the Hart House Chess Club website.

Participants in the 2019 Ivy League Challenge include: GM Andrew Tang (2507 – Princeton), IM Advait Patel (2460 – UofT), FM Mark Plotkin (2378 – UofT), FM Aaron Jacobson (2340 – Harvard), FM Ethan Li (2231 – Princeton), FM Qiyu Zhou (2212 – UofT) and others.


You can view the results here and watch the games in live streaming here. The tournament schedule is as follows:

Friday, November 8th– Hart House East Common Room

Opening Ceremony: 10:00 AM

Round 1: 10:30 AM

Round 2: 5:00 PM

Saturday, November 9th– Hart House East Common Room

Round 3: 10:00 AM

Round 4: 4:30 PM

Sunday, November 10th– Hart House East Common Room

Round 5: 9:30 AM

Closing Ceremony: 2:00 PM

A social event, open to the tournament participants and the club members, will be hosted on Saturday night after Round 4 of the Tournament.