HHCC 2023 Pan-Am Qualifier

Event recap can be found here. Congrats to the winners and good luck in Seattle!

The Club will be holding a qualifying tournament from September 24th-25th to select four players to represent the University of Toronto at the Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Championships to be held next year, January 5-8 in Seattle, WA. Travel and accommodation will be covered partially by HHCC.

Official flyer for the event is located here.

Pan-Am-Qualifiers Schedule:

Time Control:  60 minutes + 30 seconds increment
Round 1:  9:30am September 24
Round 2:  12:45pm September 24
Round 3:  4pm September 24
Round 4:  9:30am September 25
Round 5:  12:45pm September 25
Tiebreaks (if needed)  4pm September 25

Please note that this schedule is scheduled to change. Full confirmation will be sent to all registered players.

0-point-byes are in effect.  Players are expected to play all rounds.
Forced byes will be awarded 1/2 point.

Ratings will be used for seeding/pairing purposes but the tournament itself will not be rated with the Chess Federation of Canada.


Participants are kindly asked to register online by Friday, September 23rd, 9:00 pm. To do that send us an e-mail at hhchess@studentorg.utoronto.ca with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your current Elo rating (CFC, FIDE, or other international rating)

No entry fee is required but all players must show up by 9:15 am Saturday morning, as registered members of the Hart House Chess Club, at the playing hall (signs will be posted in the Hart House).

Eligibility Requirements:

To participate in Pan-Am-Qualifier one must be a member of the Hart House Chess Club. The membership for 2022-2023 is FREE for all UofT students.

To participate in the Pan-Ams tournament itself you must be available to travel to Seattle, January 5th-8th, and you must meet the following requirements :

Additional Requirements:

– A $250 fee must be paid to Hart House within a week after the qualifying tournament.
– Participants will be required to attend a tutorial on Safety Abroad as per UofT policy
– Participants will be responsible for, and required to have valid passport, travel visa if applicable, and travel health insurance

For further information please consult the Collegiate Eligibility Rules.