HHCC 2023 PanAm Qualifier Recap

From September 24th-25th 2022, the HHCC organized its annual PanAm Qualifier to select four players to represent the University of Toronto at the Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Championships to be held next year, January 5-8 in Seattle, WA. Travel and accommodation will be covered partially by HHCC.

A record number, 37 players, competed at this year’s iteration. Congratulations to Nicholas Vettese, Tanraj Sohal, Derek Ma, and Yunshan Li for finishing in the top 4. Depending on funding, the Club may also send a second, “B”, team.

Results and Pairings

The final pairings and results can be found at the following links:

Round 1 Pairings and Results

Round 2 Pairings and Results

Round 3 Pairings and Results

Round 4 Pairings and Results

Round 5 Pairings and Results

Final Standings


After 5 rounds, a 6-person tiebreaker was played to determine the remaining player for the first team. The tiebreaker results can be found here.