Rapid Championship & Raffle Fundraiser

On Saturday, November 12th, 2022, the Hart House Chess Club crowned it’s 2022 Rapid Champion, FM Mike Ivanov. Former Club Secretary and President, Mike went undefeated, recording a 5.5/6 score, and bagged the $225 prize along with it. The tournament consisted of 54 players split into 2 sections, OPEN and U1400. Held at the East Common Room, the time control was 15 mins + 10 seconds increment, a time control that made rounds quick and games eventful. Numerous games ended in in complex endgames with imbalances, making spectating exciting and entertaining to watch.

OPEN section final results

U1400 section final results

Prize winners

Congratulations to the tournament winners! Please check your emails for instructions for claiming your prize.

Open 1st$225.00Mike Ivanov$225
Open Tied 2nd-3rd$250.00Jura Ochkoos
Victor Plotkin
Cindy Qiao
Yunshan Li
Top Woman$60.00Cindy Qiao
Yunshan Li
Top U1800$60.00Jacob Taylor$60
Top U2200$60.00Ethan Moon$60
U1400 1st$125.00Henry Vu$125.00
U1400 Tied 2nd-3rd$125.00Slava Lukinykh
Evan Xi
Boomba Nishika
Avaan Choudhury
Top Unrated$50.00Denys Melnychuk$50.00
Top Woman$50.00Alexa Roque$50.00
Total Prize $$1,005.00


Pre-event information below…

Join us for our Hart House Chess Club Rapid Championship and Raffle fundraising tournament!

Open to all, this 2-section tournament offers a fun and competitive way to play chess while supporting the Club’s fundraising efforts. In addition to improving club equipment, this year’s fundraising will go towards hosting the Ivy League Challenge, sending teams to tournaments abroad (PanAms and CUCC) and special social events involving titled players.

All community members, non-participants included, are encouraged to participate in the Raffle to help support the fundraising efforts. Official flyer


For rapid tournament players: $5 for one ticket, $10 for 3 tickets. Non-rapid players: $10 for one ticket, $20 for 3 tickets. Tickets may be purchased onsite or online. The draw will be hosted live at 4:00 PM before the start of Round 6. All raffle participants will receive a Hart House Chess Club pen.

Signed Kasparov chess board

Raffle prizes will include:

  1. Hart House Chess Club t-shirt (x2)
  2. Signed HHCC GM Hikaru Nakamura t-shirt (x2)
  3. Signed chess board by GM Garry Kasparov (x2)
  4. Entry into one of the Holidays Open or Reading Week Open (x2)


  • WHEN: Saturday, November 12th, 10 am – 5 pm. Rd #1 starts at 10:00 A.M.
  • WHEREHart House (7 Hart House Cir, Toronto) – East Common Room.
  • WHAT: 6-round Rapid Event (Swiss), using a 15 minute + 10 sec/move increment time control.
  • RATINGS: CFC Quick Rated. CFC classical ratings will be used for Rd #1 pairings and final prizes. All players are required to have a valid CFC membership to play in this tournament. Players can either pay the fee online or bring cash onsite. HHCC students with a CFC membership can represent the Club at the CUCC and GTCL.
  • ENTRY FEE: OPEN SECTION: $30 for members, $40 for non-members. U1400 SECTION: $25 for members, $35 for non-members. RAFFLE TICKETS: $5 for one ticket, $10 for 3 tickets.
  • TITLED PLAYERS: free for WIM / IM / WGM / GM. $10 discount for WFM / FM. Email us for information.
  • REGISTRATION: Pay online by November 10th 11:59 PM. Or in-person on Fridays during casual play. Onsite registration before 9:30 AM.
  • PRIZE FUND ($1200 est. based on 70 entries): OPEN SECTION: 1st place – $250 + Championship Title; 2nd place – $175; 3rd place – $125; Top U2200 – $75; Top U1800 – $75, Top Woman: $75. U1400 SECTION: 1st place – $150; 2nd place – $100; 3rd place – $75; Top Woman – $50; Top Unrated – $50.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 80 players
  • NOTE: chess sets and boards provided
  • ARBITER: National Arbiter Alex Ferreira
  • UNRATED PLAYERS: If your online rating is sufficiently high enough, then you can register for the OPEN section (send us an email to confirm). You would then be eligible to compete for 1st-3rd prizes in the OPEN section. Unrated players in U1400 can only compete for the unrated prize.


  • Round 1 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Round 2 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Round 3 at 12:00 noon
  • Lunch Break
  • Round 4 at 02:00 p.m.
  • Round 5 at 03:00 p.m.
  • Round 6 / Raffle draw at 04:00 p.m.


OPEN – 27 pre-registrants

NumberNameCFC RatingCFC IDSectionCFC membership
1FM Victor Plotkin2414142063OPEN
2WIM Yunshan Li2401175249OPEN
3FM Mike Ivanov2378140557OPEN
4FM Tanraj Sohal2342135830OPENExpired
5Jim Zhao2330146770OPENExpired
6FM Eilia Zomorrodian2259169238OPENExpired
7Leon Perelman2223146258OPEN
8WFM Cindy Qiao2080155864OPEN
9Sahir Abbas1870153534OPEN
10Valentyn Trofimov-Malyshkin1866175627OPEN
11Ande Li1786172084OPEN
12Elon Wang1805166791OPENExpired
13Daniel Sirkovich1773145096OPEN
14Samuel Ulrich1758177446OPEN
15Bradley Tseng1543164369OPEN
16Heye Gao1616166066OPEN
17Daniel Zhang1598163312OPEN
18Nicholas Ossine1570173090OPEN
19Jacob Taylor1568169037OPEN
20Shafkat Ali1532149142OPEN
21Eric Wan1467175276OPENExpired
22Justin Huang1273166068OPEN
23Ivan Huang1239164614OPEN
24Phillip RobinsonunrOPEN
25Riyaan LakhaniunrOPEN
26Yukuan ZouunrOPEN
27Nick Pestovunr175177OPEN

U1400 – 23 pre-registrants

NumberNameCFC RatingCFC IDSectionCFC Membership
1Henry Vu1376159501U1400Expired
2Kaiy Cao1292175029U1400
3Tony Lau1233130817U1400Expired
4Slava Lukinykh1168174578U1400
5Grace Miao1171177399U1400
6Avaan Choudhury1134174450U1400
7Joshua Bakradze1132177444U1400
8Alexa Roque1128172868U1400
9Edmund Smyk984146332U1400
10Evan Xi976166066U1400
11Denis Shen852172778U1400
12Tina Hui882176179U1400
13Fedir Trofimov-Malyshikin823175772U1400
14Sylvio Tamunr178021U1400
15Nico ScainiunrU1400
16Marten LingunrU1400
17Allan LiuunrU1400
18Nap Hei Joshua CheungunrU1400
19Boomba NishikawaunrU1400
20Liam McNallyunrU1400
21Oleh Sychunr178066U1400
22Maxime DuguayunrU1400
23Denys Melnychukunr178133U1400


Any questions can be sent to: hhchess@studentorg.utoronto.ca