Fall Blitz Tournament

Event Recap

On October 28th, 2022, the Hart House Chess Club at the University of Toronto hosted its first blitz tournament of the Fall semester. The Fall Blitz Tournament attracted a sold-out crowd of 60 players (mostly students), with over 10 titled players. Notable student chess players included IM Advait Patel, IM Nicholas Vettese, CM Koosha Jaferian, FM Eilia Zomorrodian, FM Tanraj Sohal, NM Chris Knox, NM Jim Zhao, WFM Cindy Qiao, and the entire PanAms Team. NM Daniel Abrahams and NM Paul Gelis rounded out an elite field. In addition, 16 unrated players competed, showcasing the vast appeal of chess to all levels. The event encapsulated the current demand and interest in both the Chess Club and chess in general in 2022. It is hard to believe that just over 10 years ago, this Club was going through one of its darkest ages with low turnout and without a proper meeting room or time. So far this semester, the Club has hosted GM Evgeny Bareev, selected varsity chess players in the PanAm Qualifiers, hosted the HHCC Bughouse Championship, welcomed IM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux and FM James Canty III, and is currently preparing for the HHCC Rapid Championship and 2022 Holidays Open. Congrats to all the winners! We hope to see everyone back at the Club in the near future!


Final Results

NameRatingPointsMedian-BuchholzBetter BuchholzPrize
1Patel Advait24421131411st
2Vettese Nicholas24181034.545.52nd – 3rd
3Zhao Jim23301029392nd – 3rd
4Qiao Cindy20809.527.536.5Top Woman
5Zomorrodian Eilia22599.526.536.5
6Abrahams Daniel22159.525.534
7Moon Ethan19058.534.544.5
8Gelis Paul22518.52738
9Jaferian Koosha2351831.542.5
10Sohal Tanraj23427.530.541.5
11Shih Matthew21657.529.539.5
12Knox Christopher233373242
13Chan Edward1761728.538
14Lam Eric118672838Top U1400 – tie
15Chen Aaron1069727.535Top U1400 – tie
16Mahtani Nitin198672737
17Yong Nathaniel0726.536.5Top Unrated – tie
18Melnychuk Denis072633.5Top Unrated – tie
19Yu Mingzhou0724.533Top Unrated – tie
20Robertson Kole1926722.530.5
21Vu Henry137672229.5Top U1400 – tie
22Malmstein Erik1982721.532.5
23Li Andrew178672130
24Nguyen Quang17026.522.531.5
25Prieto Julian06.51723
26Jindal Keshav154362837.5
27Shafkat Ali1531626.533.5
28Sunardi Jason150562535
29Jafarli Atilay123962532.5
30Ossine Nicholas160762433.5
31Guo Anni1959622.532
32Eilender George0620.528
33Arzoumanian Andreas05.527.537.5
34Charles Christopher12665.525.534
35Ma Derek220752836
36Faria-Lopes Rafael052433.5
37Chol Akol0523.530.5
38Bakradze Joshua052332.5
39Wang Daniel0516.523.5
40Miao David04.524.531.5
41Gulec Andrew04.522.529.5
42Cheung Joshua04.518.528
43Lu Rick04.51624.5
44Lim Justin112742432
45Doumet Mario103142332
46Hamade Karim0422.529.5
47Basile Alex041927.5
48Zhang George041723
49Unrau Ryan03.52026
50Nishikawa Boomba0322.529.5
51Fitzgerald Benjamin032029.5
52Wu Kevin022026.5
53McNally Liam021926
54Lee Junsyoung Edward0218.525.5
55Chan Edmund120011829
56Feghali Cedric011723
57Dai Wenzhi215601723
58Mendes Aaron214501723
59Escobar Jillian001723
60Saqur Raeid146001420


Join us for HHCC’s Fall Blitz Tournament. Open to all, this 6 round, double-round swiss event encourages students and community members of all levels to get back to in-person chess. Students and community members are welcome and encouraged to come!

Official flyer can be found here.

  • WHEN: Friday, October 28th, 7pm – 9:30 pm. Rd #1 starts at 7:00 P.M.
  • WHEREHart House (7 Hart House Cir, Toronto) – Reading Room.
  • WHAT: 6-round double-round Blitz Event (Swiss), using a 5 minute time control.
  • RATED: Unrated
  • ENTRY FEE: $10 for members, $20 for non-members, free for titled players until Oct 17. Pay online via registration page or onsite before 7.
  • PRIZE FUND (est. based on 35 entries): $200 as follows: 1st place – $75; 2nd place – $50; 3rd place – $25; Top Woman – $25; Top U1400 – $25.
  • SPECIAL PRIZES: All participants will be entered into a door prize for 3 HHCC t-shirts.
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 60 players
  • NOTE: chess sets and boards provided, proceeds will help with the Club’s fundraising efforts, including the HHCC’s PanAm Team’s trip to Seattle, Washington in Janruary.



Any questions can be sent to: hhchess@studentorg.utoronto.ca