2023 Hart House Reading Week Open

Join us for the return of our annual chess tournament in the Great Hall! Open to all, this tournament offers fun and competitive play for all levels! There are various skill level groups to accommodate all interested players. Official flyer

  • WHERE: Great Hall, Hart House, University of Toronto.
  • WHEN: February 18th, 19th, 20th (Family Day Weekend)
  • SCHEDULE: 6 Round Swiss split in sections. Round times: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 10:00 am & 4:00 pm.
  • TIME CONTROL: 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move 1, for all sections.
  • STYLE: 6 Round Swiss split in 6 rating sections – Crown (2200+), Under 2200, Under 1900, Under 1600, Under 1300 & Under 1000 Sections
  • RATING: All sections will be CFC rated. Crown, Under 2200, Under 1900, & Under 1600 sections will also be FIDE rated. Crown Section will be paired using FIDE ratings.
  • FORFEIT TIME: Players who do not arrive within 30 minutes of the round start time will be forfeited.
  • BYES: Maximum 2 half-point byes in rounds 1-4 if requested in advance before the start of Round 1.
  • PRIZE FUND: $8000 based on 200 entries
  • ORGANIZER: Hart House Chess Club with Alex Ferreira as arbiter.
  • EMAIL: hhtournaments@gmail.com
  • MAX CAPACITY: 220 players

Tournament news

Feb 1: We have secured the East Common Room for DGT broadcasting and game analysis for rounds 3-6. Reading Room will also be available.

Jan 19: One month left until the event and one week until early-bird registrations close.

Dec 16: Registrations are now open


  • Online registration is available until February 15th at 11:59 PM. In-person (via cash or card) and telephone registration is available through the Hart House Information Desk during Hart House Hours.
  • Onsite, cash only registration is only available before 9:30am on February 18th and players will not get paired for Round 1.
  • Cheque registration (arrival by Feb. 15th, 2022) can be made payable to The Governing Council of the University of Toronto, state Hart House Chess Club in description, at 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto ON, M5S 3H3. No post-dated cheques.


Early: $70 by January 26th at 11:59pm
Regular: $80 by February 15th at 11:59 pm
Late: $100 cash only on-site.


Extra $20 to play up a section. A player must have a minimum 2200 CFC or 2000 FIDE rating to play in the Crown. In all other sections, requests to play up must be emailed to the tournament email by Feb. 15 at 11:59 pm and then paid by cash before 9:30 am. Play-up is allowed only for players within 100 rating points of the section’s minimum rating. For example, a player in the Under 1600 section wanting to play up in the Under 1900 section must have a rating no lower than 1500.


$35 discount for University of Toronto students (automatic discount) and unrated players (using code: OpenUnrated35) . Max one discount per player. Unrated players are not eligible for prizes. Free entry for IMs/WIMs/GMs/WGMs if registered by February 4th. Please email us for all discount information.


  • Please bring chess sets and clocks if possible. HHCC will provide DGT boards for the Crown section.
  • Registrants must be current CFC members or bring payment prior to playing – https://chess.ca/membership-fees.
  • Withdrawals: see our Policies.
  • Unrated players should review our New To Tournament Guide
  • Parking is available in select locations. Due to ongoing Landmark Project construction, parking is very limited and may be higher than expected.
  • Any question regarding the tournament, including registrations, must be sent to hhtournaments@gmail.com, not the Hart House Hub.
  • Free Wi-Fi will be made available.
  • TEAM PRIZE: $400 ($100 per player), teams of 4 players, representing at least 3 different sections. All individual scores will be added up to find the winning team


Players will be placed in sections according to eligibility, based on Feb 15 ratings’ update. Not necessarily how people registered themselves. Pre-registration lists will be updated every week. Pre-registered as of Feb 7.

NumberPlayer NameCFC IDCFC RatingCFC MembershipFIDE IDSectionByes
1IM Nikolay Noritsyn1325342576Valid2604922Crown
2IM Alexander Reprintsev1464672407Valid14100541Crown
3IM David Cummings1231612407Valid2603578CrownRound 4
4FM Zachary Dukic1495072401Valid2617188Crown
5IM Nicholas Vettese1541992399Valid2620090Crown
6WIM Yunshan Li1752492392Valid8607664Crown
7CM Max Chen1552382378Valid2622440Crown
8CM Koosha Jaferian1743182359Valid12507440Crown
9Sergey Noritsyn1468932332Expired2616408Crown
10FM Richard Chen1482712324Valid2617099Crown
11CM Max Rusonik1556712312Valid2619253Crown
12Youhe Huang1594282295Valid2629445Crown
13CM William Li1546772261Valid2619750Crown
14CM Dorian Kang1553392234Valid2619156Crown
15FM Eilia Zomorrodian1692382230Expired12551805Crown
16Fengxi Mao1660332222Valid2632586Crown
17Henry Liu1577202214Valid2628597Crown
18Ian Loadman1016862212Valid2613743Crown
19Derek Ma1498222204Valid2619792CrownRound 1
20Leon Perelman1462582190Valid2609495U2200
21Richard Chen1627812182Valid2633159Crown
22Michael Dougherty1002942179Valid2601559CrownRound 2, 4
24Matthew Shih1756732161Valid2054060Crown
25Wenzhi Dai1707222156Valid8608369U2200
26Vaibhav Bhat1757832150Valid5060931Crown
27Raymond Gao1564802111Valid2629429U2200
28Noah Kim1727942090Valid2642298U2200
29Fred Gandolfi1089992081Valid0U2200
30Cindy Qiao1558642066Valid2620243U2200
31Eddie Xu1662742057Valid2632160Crown
32Tony Lu1667422043Valid2640643U2200
33Tony Bohan Bao1493512033Valid2613042U2200
34Ryan Yunhui Zhong1667372032Valid2635860u1900
35Matthew Zhu1600192029Valid2633434U2200
36Sanjay Ramesh1629792025Valid2631270U2200
37Andrei Moffat1082722022Valid2602954U2200
38Nitin Mahtani1760911986Valid11102870U2200
39Neil Moses1709491983Valid2640627U2200
40Adam Li1603911981Valid2632144U2200
41Eric Qian1679751949Valid2637774U2200
42Christian Collins1111661937Valid2603055U2200
43Andy Wang1682471935Valid2637804U2200
44Tyler D’Amore1527531932Expired2619547U2200
45Carina D’Souza1676001915Valid2635550u2200
46Mike Magnan1024491907Expired0U2200
47Nabil Shahad1730201896Valid2646773U1900
48Charis Zhu1681321842Valid2638320U2200
49Larry Yang1648231837Valid2637618U2200
50Yixiao Wang1789541833Valid0U1900
51Lucy Gao1612061823Valid2629640U2200
52Ashley Qian1680501817Valid2636280U1900
53Halldor P Palsson1068561814Valid2603136U1900
54Lefan Yang1631511812Valid2637626U2200
55Ferdinand Supsup1423661794Valid2614030U1900
56Omaray M. Shah1213291778Expired2605732U1900
57Triston Li1669441778Valid2638282U1900
58Heye Gao1660661771Valid2638223U1900
59Denys Melnychuk1781331762Valid14182807U1900
60Jovan Momic1230431741Valid2635666U2200
61Alex Lambruschini1275191734Valid2604868U1900
62Ryan Zhuoyuan Xu1747221729Valid329105250U1900
63Sean Liu1749721719Valid2643170U1900
64Daniel Sirkovich1450961711Valid2618125U2200
65Saarthak Malakar1732041704Valid30974291U1900
66Arkadiy Ugodnikov1466261701Valid2615940U1900Round 1
67Eric Wan1752761700Valid0U1900
68Irene Xie1756441692Valid2643537U1900
69Daniel Zhang1633121689Valid2637820U1900Round 1
70Shafkat Ali1491421680Valid2613441U1900
71Mario Moran-Venegas1433151680Valid2605279U1900
72Kamila Kolpashnikova1605721679Valid488100U1900
73Nolan Wu1607091673Valid2644681U1900
74Luc Chamberland1073461670Valid2646757U1900
75April Yunwei Zhong1672711666Valid2635658u1900
76Jaipreet Singh Dhaliwal1721631629Valid0U1900
77Nathan Zian Wang1617351626Valid2638681U1900
78Tsz Yeung (Daniel) Guan1701861618Valid0U1900
79Evan Andersen1759251607Valid2642948U1900
80Vincent Angel Adulfo1682411597Valid2635720U1600
81Toy Chack Kwan1627061583Valid2635097U1900
82Simon Perkins1075821581Valid2618737U1900Round 4
83Henry Vu1595011576Valid0U1900
84Glib Dunikov1727051565Valid150267727U1600
85Ethan (Yichen) Li1643721544Valid0U1900
86Bradley Tseng1643691543Valid2638673U1900
87Justin Li1544171534Valid2620871U1900
88Daniel Odoemelam1607071525Valid0U1900
89Brendan Chan1650221523Valid2646846U1600
90Adie Todd1251561522Valid2609908U1900
91Jim Sadden1759741521Valid0U1900
92Thuan Nguyen1076631515Valid2639807U1900
93Arya Sen1663041500Valid6327516Crown
94Anthony Pham1765061494Valid2645599U1900
95Frank Helwig1057881490Valid2642344U1600
96Michael Ashcroft1393231487Expired0U1600
97Robert J. Armstong1000341443Valid2605791U1600
98Karandeep Basi1751081426Valid0U1600
99Daniel Wang1781911417Valid0U1600
100Eli Schyngera1649761417Valid2635763U1600
101Jerimiah Cashore1791481416Valid0U1600
102Joshua Gibson1767481413Valid0U1600
103Alex Moiseev1602171409Valid2625539U1600
104Isabelle Zhu1495531404Valid0U1600
105David Dunikov1727061400Valid329218432U1600
106Michael Wodzinski1780021391Valid0U1600
107Eric Huang1746121389Valid2644550U1600
108Undriadi Benggawan1073011383Valid2627973U1600
109John R. Brown1028821379Valid2613492U1600
110Oswald Barmasch1327841376Valid0U1600
111Ken Kurkowski1045371375Valid2613719U1600
112Austin Lu1697381368Valid2644614U1600
113Lucas haoxuan Sun1716601358Valid2644630U1600
114Dante Mazza1637701350Expired0U1900
115Minh Bui1729551339Valid0U1600
116Kailey Liu1680911322Valid2640392U1600
117Joseph Nguyen1432141314Valid2648458U1600
118Slava Lukinykh1745781314Valid2648130U1600
119Andrew Leliveld1761191302Valid176119U1300
120Anna Gavrileva1566341301Valid2641305U1900
121Boomba Nishikawa1781511300Valid0U1300
122Victor Samuel1123061285Valid2629062U1600
123James Mourgelas1085401283Valid2613816U1600
124Jeffrey Qiu1609461268Expired0U1300
125Lucy Yang1645951266Valid2639084U1600
126Doug Gillis1110221265Valid2604361U1300
127Liam McNally1781521251Valid0U1300
128Allen Li1755341250Valid0U1300
129William Bi1693821249Valid2640600U1600
130Payam Fakoorziba1756041222Valid0U1600
131Albert Yang1760161221Valid0U1600
132Sithu Aravindanathan1329501213Valid0U1300
133Andrew Situ1630421184Expired2630362U1300
134Stephen Kuzin1676241183Valid0U1300
135Austin Lin1738951180Valid2640783U1600
136Richard Kang1756181172Valid0U1300
137Jerry Gerber1601031167Valid2638894U1300
138Jacob Fischer1745081161Valid0U1300
139Bradley Northcote1788331159Valid0U1600Round 1
140Caleb Langridge1729181144Valid0U1300
141Narek Hambardzumyan1709681143Valid2643189U1300
142Paco Li1643681132Valid0U1300
143Oscar Liu1754171130Valid169995U1900
144Rose Tuong1580241130Valid0U1300Round 6
145Joshua Bakradze1774441118Valid2648415U1300
146William kaiyuan Wang1673361105Valid2638312U1600
147Mahanth Sivakumar1696431100Valid0U1300
148Quentin Ma1774631093Valid0U1300
149Isabelle Guan1660811089Valid2637642U1300
150Zeyu Liu1745401078Valid2647443U1600
151Allan Kurdu1789501074NA0U1000
152Lily Liu1680241061Valid0U1300
153Oleh Sych1780661049Valid148108948U1300
154Marie Guan1646271042Valid2635909U1300
155Jasper Jia1763731036Valid0U1300
156Kush Kheni1608231016Valid0U1300
157David Huang1777181012Valid0U1000
158Nobuko Takeuchi166003985Valid0U1000Round 3
159Henry Prickett-Morgan175668980Valid0u1300
160Evan Xi156505976Expired0U1000
161Gabriel Saimovici175468966Valid0U1000
162Boris Sapojnikov175141940Valid0U1000
163Edmund Smyk146332931Valid2646986U1000
164Glen Newbury177785920Valid0U1000
165Tina Hui176179917Valid0U1300
166Catherine Semianiuk160930909Valid2644746U1300
167Yuntian (Denis) Shen172778861Valid0U1000
168Joshua Knott176630809Valid0U1300
169Benjamin Yulo174024784Valid0U1000Round 1, 2
170Adrian Milanoski175018766Valid0U1000Round 1, 2
171Caleb Mann178781689Valid0U1000
172Ethan Jia178148548Valid0U1000
173Mohankumar Janakiraman175419217Valid0U1600
174Elkin ChenNA0U1000
175Enoch YuNA0U1000
176Valdeep Saini1791460U1000
177Ahmed Hatem1790060U1000
178Jacob Bourdeau-MarcheNA0U1300
179Ademar Gonzalez1792760U1600
180Ethan Guo1781770U1000
181Lyam Katz1793020U1300
182Ramakrishna PadmanabuniNA0U1900
183Jiwoong Lee1780710U1600
184Yahya Elgabra1795200U1300
185Jeff LaRochelle1793720U1600Round 2
186Ekrem Tamkan1789820U2200
187Cameron Mills1795010U1000
188Chol Elijah AkolNA0U2200
189Nap Hei Joshua Cheung1781460U1300
190Maksym Woychyshyn1789310U1300
191Liam Fullard1795410U1000
192Huy Dang1795340U1300
193Vitor Zhen Yan1751990U1000
196David Barsamyan1797420U1000
197Rizwan SamjiNA0U1600
198Austin SinclairNA0U1000Round 6
199Artem Bakurov179789014155397U1900

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