HHCC Holiday Announcements

The Hart House Chess Club is closed from Dec. 23th – Jan.6th. However, the Club will return following the holiday season with many exciting events.

Casual play returns on Fri. Jan. 6th with reduced scheduling from 6pm – 9pm. On Fri. Jan 13, regular scheduling returns from 4pm-11pm alongside our semester Pizza Party at 6 pm followed by the Hart House Chess Club Blitz Championship at 7pm. During the pizza party, we will also announce the full HHCC winter schedule and conduct a puzzle solving raffle for HHCC merchandise.

The Club will also be hosting the Greater Toronto Chess League Team Championship Tuesdays from Jan. 10th – Mar. 14th, 2023. All HHCC members wanting to play longer games and represent the Club are invited to play.

On Monday, December 19th, registration for the Canadian Universities Chess Championship opens for all University of Toronto students and staff. This is a very exciting event intended for both beginners and advanced players of the Club.

The 2023 Hart House Reading Week Open has also opened for registrations. Pre-registered lists will be updated approximately weekly but we hope to pass the 212 participants at the Holidays Open.

Happy Holidays!

HHCC Exec Team