Hart House Winter Weekly Swiss

From January 10th to 31st, 2023, the Hart House Chess Club hosted a Weekly Winter Swiss chess tournament allowing students and community members to play CFC-rated, 90 minutes plus 30 second increment games against one another. The result was 12 players competing in tense and competitive chess against one another for 4 weeks. The overall winner was Slava Lukinykh, who scored 3/4 and clinched top spot in the tournament. The tournament was held alongside the 2023 GTCL Team Chess Championship, this version of which was hosted by the Hart House Chess Club for the first time in its history.

The Weekly Winter Swiss alongside the 2023 GTCL Team CC
Players in the Winter Weekly Swiss

In addition to the 2023 Greater Toronto Chess League Team Chess Championship, the Hart House Chess Club will host a Winter Weekly Swiss focused on providing rated classical chess playing opportunities for players of all levels. Entry is free for all HHCC members and players of the GTCL Team CC. Minimal entry fees for all others.


  • WHERE: Debates Room or East Common Room, Hart House, University of Toronto.
    • CFC-rated swiss tournament over 4 weeks
    • 4 rounds weekly over 4 weeks.
    • 1 section
  • ROUNDS: clocks start at 7:10 pm Tuesdays from Jan. 10th – Jan. 31st.
  • TIME CONTROL: 90 mins + 30 secs/move increment
  • EQUIPMENT: HHCC will supply all chess equipment, including score sheets
  • ARBITER: HHCC Execs with NA Alex Ferreira assisting
  • PRIZES: HHCC t-shirt prizes for winners
    • $0.00 for all HHCC members and GTCL Team CC participants.
    • $10.00 per match or $30.00 per tournament for community members/public. Pay by cash before 6:30 pm.
  • REGISTRATION: email us at hhchess@studentorg.utoronto.ca or complete registration form at least 2 hours in advance of Round 1 of the tournament. In-person registrations accepted from 6:30 pm – 6:45 pm weekly if space permits.
  • EMAIL: hhchess@studentorg.utoronto.ca
  • BYES: 1/2 point byes can be requested for any round if requested before Round 1, 0 point byes can be requested for any round if requested 24 hrs in advance.
  • CAPACITY: 30 players
  • CFC: Registrants must be current CFC members or bring payment prior to playing – https://chess.ca/membership-fees.


The club has booked one of the Debates Room, 24’ x 72’ (capacity 90) or East Common Room, a size of 22’ by 68’ (capacity 90), for the duration of the tournament. 

East Common Room
Debates Room

The rooms are located in Hart House, 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3. Ample food and entertainment can be found nearby within walking distance. Ample paid parking is available at a flat rate of $10 per evening throughout the University of Toronto campus – street parking is also available. Hart House is within 10 minutes of walking distance between two subway stations, Museum and St. George. Free Wi-Fi is available for all participants. 

Weekly Schedule

Rounds start at 7:10 pm on Tuesdays

Round 1: January 10th – Debates Room 

Round 2: January 17th – East Common Room

Round 3: January 24th – East Common Room

Round 4: January 31st – East Common Room


Player NameMembership or playing in GTCL Team CCCFC IDCFC Rating
Sam ChenCommunity Member / Public1756331440
Mohankumar JanakiramanCommunity Member / Public175419217
Daniel WangHHCC Member1781911417
James MourgelasCommunity Member / Public1085401279
Boomba NishikawaHHCC Member178151NA
Liam McNallyHHCC Member178152NA (1177 Quick Rating)
Alex WangHHCC Member1679671803
EnkhzulHHCC MemberNANa
Isabelle ZhuHHCC Member1495531409
DavidCommunity Member / Public178658NA
Slava LukinykhCommunity Member / Public1745781235
Hart House, University of Toronto


HHCC players have the option of playing in this tournament or the GTCL Team CC. GTCL Team CC is intended for stronger players with tournament experience looking to represent the Club for the entire 9-weeks. The Winter Weekly Swiss is intended to provide more rated, competitive chess playing opportunities for our members. One of the goals is to prepare our members to compete at the Canadian Universities Chess Championship in late January, and at the Reading Week Open.

Pairings and standings