Beginner and Intermediate Winter 2023 Lessons

It’s a new semester, which means lessons are starting up again! For 10-weeks, the Club is hosting free lessons for all members of the Club. Students can become members for free! Non-members are asked to provide a small donation for each lesson.

Winter semester lessons begin January 20th, 2023 and extend until March 31st, 2023! No classes scheduled during reading week. 10-weeks of free chess classes for all members! Students can get their free membership and show up day-of! No need to commit to all lessons – you can show up to one, some, or all of them! 

Beginner Lessons: Fridays, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM will be taught by Sahan Karunaratne (CFC: 1495). Sahan is an experienced coach with years of experience coaching beginners on playing chess! Come join Sahan and have fun learning chess!

Intermediates/Advanced Lessons: Fridays, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM will be taught by Matthew Shih (CFC: 2161). Matthew has coached numerous students and is now at UofT pursuing a PHD in Musicology. Rated 2161 CFC, he brings both Varsity Chess Team experience and over a decade of tournament experience to help you improve your game. 

For all details on lessons, please visit our main Lessons page. See you there!