Beginner and Intermediate Winter 2023 Lessons

We are very happy to report on the conclusion of the 2023 Winter Semester Lecture series hosted by Sahan Karunaratne and Matthew Shih. Sahan’s lessons covered everything from the fundamentals, to tactics, to chess principles, strategy, and much more. Students and community members of all ages gathered weekly to indulge in Sahan’s excellent teaching style and learn from his experience. As Sahan is graduating this year, we would like to thank him for his continued support and relationship with the Club for the last half-decade.

Matthew Shih’s intermediate lessons earned high praise from attendees. The Club’s members were very impressed with Matthew’s teaching style, planning and execution of class concepts. We are very happy to see a Varsity Team member teach lessons, and we hope to continue to see Matthew grow his chess potential at UofT in the next few years.

A decision regarding Summer 2023 lessons, if any, will be made sometime in late April with the next Executive. In the meantime, check out our Upcoming Events section for news and updates from the Club.

Please see below for the original posting:

It’s a new semester, which means lessons are starting up again! For 10-weeks, the Club is hosting free lessons for all members of the Club. Students can become members for free. Non-members are asked to provide a small donation for each lesson.

Winter semester lessons begin January 20th, 2023 and extend until March 31st, 2023! No classes scheduled during reading week. 10-weeks of free chess classes for all members! Students can get their free membership and show up day-of! No need to commit to all lessons – you can show up to one, some, or all of them! 

Beginner Lessons: Fridays, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM will be taught by Sahan Karunaratne (CFC: 1495). Sahan is an experienced coach with years of experience coaching beginners on playing chess! Come join Sahan and have fun learning chess!

Intermediates/Advanced Lessons: Fridays, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM will be taught by Matthew Shih (CFC: 2161). Matthew has coached numerous students and is now at UofT pursuing a PHD in Musicology. Rated 2161 CFC, he brings both Varsity Chess Team experience and over a decade of tournament experience to help you improve your game. 

For all details on lessons, please visit our main Lessons page. See you there!