5th Ivy League Challenge

The “Ivy League Challenge” is an invitational Team Chess Tournament which will take place in Hart House at the University of Toronto from March 24th until March 26th, 2023.

The tournament is organized for a 5th time (3rd time in-person) and the University of Toronto is the host. The teams playing in this year’s tournament are: University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Harvard University, University of Chicago, and Princeton University.

The “Ivy League Challenge” is one of the strongest University Team Competitions in North America. Each team will have four players and may have up to two alternates. The rules for the “Ivy League Challenge” can be accessed here. All rounds will be held at the Hart House East Common Room and all games will be broadcast live on the Hart House Chess Club website. A blitz tournament, the Ivy League Blitz, open to both players and non-players, will happen after Round 2 on Friday, March 24th.

The schedule for the tournament is as follows. These details are subject to change.

Thursday March 23rd – Arrival Day

Teams arrive to Toronto.

Friday, March 24th – Hart House East Common Room

Opening Ceremony: 9:45 AM

Round 1: 10:00 AM

Round 2: 3:30 PM

Ivy League Blitz: 8:00 PM or as soon as round 2 finishes (free entry and free pizza)

Saturday, March 25th – Hart House East Common Room

Round 3: 10:00 AM

Round 4: 3:30 PM

Sunday, March 26th – Hart House East Common Room

Round 5: 9:30 AM

Closing Ceremony: 2:00 PM


The 2023 Ivy League Challenge will feature the following teams. In total, there will be: 3 GMs, 3 IMs, 1 WIM, 1 WFM, 9 FMs, and 2 CMs.

Chicago: GM Awonder Liang, GM Praveen Balakrishnan, FM Kapil Chandran, Kole Moses
Princeton: GM Andrew Tang, IM Daniel Gurevich, FM Aydin Turgut, Sam Massick, Kyle Li
Harvard: FM Christopher Shen, FM Akira Nakada, FM Wesley Wang, James Toliver
Waterloo: IM Yuanchen Zhang, FM Ian Zhao, FM Richard Chen, CM William Li
UofT A: WIM Yunshan Li, IM Nicholas Vettese, Wenzhi Dai, Derek Ma, WFM Cindy Qiao
UofT B: IM Mark Plotkin, FM Mike Ivanov, CM Koosha Jaferian, FM Eilia Zomorrodian, Matthew Shih, Ethan Moon, Victor Zheng

Note: UofT-B replaces Yale University

Pairings and standings

View the pairings and standings on chess-results: https://chess-results.com/Tnr743295.aspx?lan=1

Live Games: linked here before round 1

For a sneak preview of what is to come…